RAW Recap 08/28/2017

Welcome to another edition of the RAW Recap with El Jefe…Monday night was action packed from the get go and would be all about the push for the “No Mercy” Pay Per View (Sept. 24th). How would new rivalries be built and old storylines continue heading into the event coming in about 3-4 weeks?

Battle Royale for Shot at Miz

RAW kicked off with one of my favorite all time wrestling matches a BATTLE ROYALE. What a great way to create an opponent for The Miz; I am pumped to watch Jeff Hardy go for his fifth Intercontinental Championship. This will be a great match up between two awesome competitors. I am siding with Jeff Hardy on this one. Who do you think wins this match up.

Enzo makes Debut

Tonight was the night with Big Cass on the shelf with a knee injury and the rivalry pretty much dead Enzo made his Cruiserweight debut. Can Enzo revive the very boring division that seems forced upon us every Monday? If they go with a hard rivalry with Neville as it appears they are maybe. As long as Enzo is a face to the crowd they have to keep him on RAW, but has the WWE grown tired of his act?

Brock Returns

How can you have A RAW appearance by Brock and not have Strowman storm out to the ring? More importantly where is Samoa Joe? I like the Strowman V. Lesnar storyline but they have closed off a lot of the main roster because of this push so at least have them beat on each other like Roman and Strowman did; big swing and miss here in my opinion. I don’t want to watch Paul Heyman kiss Braun’s ass for 10 minutes. I will say Brock’s one line (“Suplex City Bitch!”) was awesome. The WWE Universe wants more!

Ambrose/ Rollins Dual Victory

The current WWE Tag Champions ( Ambrose/ Rollins) were both in singles matches on Monday against the former Tag Champs (Sheamus/ Cesaro). The reunion of former Shield members has been an amazing success so far and they have jumped their way to the top of the division very quickly.  They seem to have Sheamus and Cesaro number and this battle is far from over. This has renewed a very stale Tag Division and is going to be exciting for weeks to come.

Roman & Cena War of Words

The wait is over WWE Universe we are going to see Cena Vs. Reigns. Is it too little to late for this match up? Cena facing off against Reigns has been one of the most desired matches for years in the WWE. If the trash talk is as good as the fighting it has the potential to be an amazing match. Who do you like in the battle of the two faces of the brand? I personally think it is Roman’s time given the win over the Undertaker it wouldn’t make sense to push Cena at this point.

Bliss Vs. Banks Rematch

The much anticipated rematch ended the same way it always does for Banks; she can’t catch a break on defending her title. This was a good move by RAW though now Nia Jax is in the mix after she attacked Alexa Bliss after the match. Do you think Bliss stands a chance against Nia Jax?

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