West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech Has the Washington Redskins Logo at Midfield and It’s Driving Me Nuts

Before everyone gets butt-hurt and labels this as an anti-Redskins blog, just know that I’m not one of the many people with faux outrage over the use of Redskins, Indians, etc.

Is Chief Wahoo’s image representing a Native American maybe a little racist? Probably. But that doesn’t mean they should stop using the name Indians all together.. Then again, fuck Cleveland. Disband that racist ass franchise.

I do, however, have a major problem with the Washington Redskins logo being on the 50-yard-line for the West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech game. I’ve seen so many games played on neutral sites all weekend and this is the first instance I’ve seen of the grounds crew being too lazy to spend a few extra hours with field paint. Is FedEx Field cutting back on overtime? Is Daniel Snyder saving up for his big payday for Kirk Cousins? Your guess is as good as mine, but no answer is good enough. I’m not watching a Sunday night college football game for it to look like that dick on Madden who always picks a different stadium other than the fields of the two teams at battle. We all know that guy.

So, FedEx Field grounds crew, I beg you. Please come to your senses and paint something cool while the teams are in their locker rooms at halftime. If not, I might just flip back and forth between games rather than keep it on ESPN. The ball’s paint can’s in your court.

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