RAW Recap 09/04/17

Welcome to a Labor Day edition of RAW Recap with El Jefe. Hopefully the grill has cooled down the yard work is completed; if not I got you covered with my review and predictions of this holiday edition of Monday Night Raw.

The show kicked off with a flashback of last weeks confrontation between Roman Reigns and John Cena. Obviously with it announced that the WWE will try to limit the path crossing between Brock and Braun ahead of No Mercy the Cena/ Reigns feud will be front and center for weeks to come.

Jason Jordan Vs. John Cena

Jason Jordan got his shot at the face of the franchise Monday Night; this was a physical battle and Jordan held his own but untimely John Cena would pull out a victory. After the match Roman Reigns came to the ring to confront Cena again another war of words commenced. This rivalry is heating up and is going to be highly anticipated once No Mercy gets here later this month.

Cesaro/ Sheamus Battle Slater/ Rhyno

Slater/ Rhyno’s passion was no match for Cesaro and Sheamus’s pure power. This was an easy victory for the two massive superstars they made short work of them while Rollins and Ambrose watched. I am pumped for these two teams to have multiple run ins ahead of #WWENoMercy.

Miz and Jeff Hardy Clash

Thanks to a Battle Royale victory last week Jeff Hardy got his chance at The Intercontinental Championship Monday Night and it didn’t disappoint. Hardy nearly had the victory multiple times and controlled most of the match. The Miztourage would try to interfere but would be stopped by Matt Hardy which would lead to all of hem being barred from ringside. Miz would earn a victory after a heads up move from his wife; as Hardy went for his finisher she warned Miz which was enough to allow him to steal a victory. These two should and will clash again.

Finn Balor isn’t Afraid of Bray Wyatt

Balor is tired of Bray Wyatt’s games and he wants to face him “Man to Man” at #WWENoMercy.

Fatal 4-Way for Women’s Title

Well it’s official it’s a Fatal 4-way for the women’s title.


Rollins/ Ambrose Battle Gallows/Anderson

Rollins and Ambrose are on a roll he last couple weeks since joining forces. These two have perfect chemistry and nothing seems like it will stop them anytime soon. Cesaro and Sheamus even tried to interfere on the match and it didn’t help Anderson and Gallows pull off the upset. Ambrose held off the distraction and Rollins finished the match with a pin. Will anybody be able to stop this amazing team that has been formed?

Strowman and Big Show Meet Again

These two giants did battle again this time in a steel cage. The Big Show had a couple great moments during the match; he landed a monster elbow drop from the top rope. Braun Strowman would eventually take over he match and destroy the Big Show. Braun Strowman came into the match wanting to send a message to Brock Lesnar and he certainly accomplished that throwing Big Show throw the cage wall. Brock is going to have quite a test in a couple of weeks.

With more matches set one thing is for sure; #WWENoMercy is going to be a stacked card and will have the WWE Universe forgetting quickly about an underwhelming SummerSlam.

On a side note from this episode I want to applaud the WWE for their work with helping Hurricane Harvey victims. I also want to congratulate them on an excellant episode focused around Connor’s Cure; this is their effort to battle Pediatric Cancer it was very cool to see them focus on this throughout the episode by having superstars wear merchandise in support. Great work WWE you continue to be a model for community involement. Thank you!


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