Best College GameDay Sign – Columbus, Ohio, 09/09/17

Disclaimer: Today’s winner has nothing to do with my Alma Mater being the greatest university on the planet, and the fact that Oklahoma has swagger-jacked our OU moniker over the years. Ok, maybe it does.. sue me. 

There were a lot of good signs on ESPN today from Columbus, Ohio. However, the runner up came out of Missouri where the B-Team was there to lead into their match up with South Carolina. Anytime someone can make fun of Tebow and all of the Tebow Fanboys have no chance for a response, I’m all for it.

The rest of the signs in Columbus were good, ranging from making fun of Baker Mayfield’s arrest to people taking shots at other rival schools, but one sign duo in particular stood out. If anyone knows who these fine Bobcats are, please point me in their direction, because I’d like to sit down with them and give them the credit they deserve.

Good on ya fellow Bobcats. You’re this week’s Milliron Sports Sign of the Week. I wish I was smart enough to think of this when I heard GameDay would be just a few hours away.

Until next week, (The Real) OU Oh Yeah!

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