Wake Up With Whitty – 9/16/2017

Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. I was too busy reading last week’s Wake Up With Whitty. Look at me. So young and innocent. So vibrant and happy. So optimistic and full of enthusiasm. So ignorant and naive. A lot has happened since we last met. The Buckeyes were beaten by the Sooners. Baker Mayfield planted an Oklahoma flag right through my heart. The Bengals lost. Twice. People are calling for quarterback changes on both teams. The Reds were officially eliminated from playoff contention (we knew that was coming months ago, but it still stings when it becomes official). Now I sit here, dejected. Jaded. My spirit broken. I hate sports. Here’s Wake Up With Whitty:

Struggling in Cincinnati

Thursday night NFL games are typically not high quality football. I think at this point everyone knows that, so it should come as no surprise to anyone that this week’s Texans/Bengals matchup was a rough one to watch, but it was particularly terrible if you were a Bengals fan (which I just so happen to be). After being shut out 20-0 in the season opener against Baltimore, the Bengals really needed to bounce back and make a statement on Thursday against a Houston team that had been decimated by injury (only dressed 3 WR’s and their only active TE came off the practice squad). They definitely accomplished that, but I don’t think it was the statement that they wanted to make.

Starting out 0-2, with both games coming at home, is a sure fire way to knock yourself out of the playoff race early. Even more concerning is how anemic the offense has looked. The Bengals have only scored 9 points in their 2 games and have not yet found be end zone. The last team to start the year with two home games without reaching the end zone in either was the 1939 Eagles. Things don’t look promising next weekend either, as the Bengals go up against a tough Packers defense in Green Bay.

Even the mild mannered AJ Green was visibly frustrated when speaking to reporters after the game. He made it clear that he wants to be put in situations where he can make a play, and obviously felt that that didn’t happen Thursday night. You know it’s bad when a guy like that is speaking out, so I doubt anybody was shocked when the news came out yesterday that Offensive Coordinator Ken Zampese was let go. Some Bengals fans on social media seemed to be celebrating the firing, which I think is kind of a bad look. I think a change definitely needed to be made, and I’m excited to see if Bill Lazor can get this offense moving in the right direction, but you never want to celebrate a man losing his job, no matter how bad he is at it.

Those same folks on Bengals Twitter were also calling for the heads of Marvin Lewis and Andy Dalton. I like Marvin, but at this point I agree that it’s probably time for the franchise to move on. If the team continues on its current trend, I’m guessing he doesn’t make it past the bye week. Dalton on the other hand, I still believe in. He’s shown he has the ability to be great, and while he hasn’t looked sharp this past year, I don’t think he’s completely at fault for the offensive struggles. I would be willing to entertain potential replacements in the offseason (either through the draft or free agency) but I’m getting sick of the idiots calling for McCarron to start. If he gave them a better chance to win, he’d play. He doesn’t though, so he stays on the bench where he belongs.

Streaking in Cleveland

Things are looking much brighter in the northern half of the state of Ohio. While the Browns are no better off than the Bengals, the Indians have given the city of Cleveland plenty to be excited about. The Tribe went on a 22-game winning streak before finally losing Friday night. They absolutely dominated teams during that streak, hitting more home runs than the total number of runs allowed during the streak. I prefer to avoid saying anything positive about Cleveland sports whenever possible, but rattling off the 2nd longest winning streak in MLB history is pretty impressive. Here’s hoping they don’t do that again anytime soon though, the whole “Windians” thing gets pretty obnoxious.

The Indians streak was so impressive that even Lebron decide to ditch the Yankees hat and act like he was a Tribe fan. (Does this mean he’ll stay in Cleveland???). He even went as far as making a nice little tribute video where he congratulated the Indians players and let them know how he knew the pressure they were under during the streak, having had his own 27-game win streak in the NBA. So humble. Such a class act.

Friday Night Fights

I’ll start off by saying that I in no way want to glorify a high school football brawl. This one, involving two Las Vegas area schools, was particularly ugly, ascoaches and players from both teams got involved in the melee at midfield, and the skirmish finally came to an end when police intervened with pepper spray. Maybe a bit of overkill if you ask me. Tempers flare all the time in football, and from time to time fights do break out, but an all out brawl, especially one involving coaches, is just ugly on all sides.

My favorite part of this story is the name of one is the schools: Basic High School. Basic High School sounds like a bad Netflix series about a school where kids walk around school all day wearing Uggs, drinking pumpkin spice lattes and taking selfies. Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber songs would play perpetually over the loud speakers. Everyone would be besties and they would have so many hi-LAR-ious adventures. I’m actually really starting to get excited for this show. If anyone from Netflix is reading, let’s make it happen. And if you need more ideas for basic things, check out the Nati Boys’ fantasy draft of pumpkin spiced things we’d love to see.

Parting Thoughts

Thanks for joining me for another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. If you enjoyed what you read, hit that like button and leave a comment to let me know. Be sure to check out the rest of the site and subscribe to our podcast on iTunes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for all of the latest in Milliron Sports. Enjoy this weekend’s games and I’ll see you again next weekend.

Oh, and “Who Dey?!” and “Go Bucks!”

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