Best College GameDay Sign – Louisville, Kentucky, 09/16/17

Louisville knew they had their work cut out for them after Columbus’ strong showing last week as Ohio State took on The University of Oklahoma (aka UO). Did they answer the call? Hit “Read More” to find out! (That’s an industry secret to get more clicks and action on your webpage) 

Truth be told, I was in Athens, Ohio watching OU destroy the Kansas Jayhawks. Kansas is in the Big XII so I’m just gonna assume they’re a perennial contender and this win puts my Bobcats in the College Football Playoff conversation. *Googles Kansas Football*… Fuck….

I had to catch up on the College GameDay signs the old fashioned way, which was watching on the DVR, scrolling through Twitter, and having your blog-bros (what up Whitty and DB) send you the best ones they saw via text.

One common theme throughout the GameDay crowd was shitting on Dabo Swinney and the University of Kentucky (Louisville’s big brother in all things not called football).

Credit: @MillironDB aka DB aka Your Favorite Mamba’s Mamba

Honorable Mention

It’s well documented (maybe?) that I’m not a fan of calling for coaches heads, but this was damn funny. It’s likely that Louisville has plenty of fed up Bengals fans like the rest of us, so to see someone get the perfect placement of a no-frills sign saying pretty much what everyone else in Cincinnati is thinking was perfect. Not winning Milliron’s GameDay Sign of the Week perfect, but worthy of an honorable mention.

2nd Honorable Mention

The City of Louisville and Louisville students. Not because they had a great turnout and showing (because I’ve gathered on Twitter that they didn’t), but because I didn’t see too many spelling errors or poor grammar. Sorry if this offends, but I don’t exactly think “perfect spelling” when I think of Louisville’s finest.

And the winner is………..

091617 Gameday sign

Credit: @BarstoolCards and our future bosses at @BarstoolSports Cc: @stoolpresidente

This might be the most random, but spot on trash talk I’ve ever seen. Who eats a potato chip in two bites? Weird people, that’s who. That’s why this insult works so well. Not to mention, you can tell this dude (sorry for assuming, but I’m gonna say those aren’t the hands of a lady holding the poster board) spent little to no time on the creation of the sign. He didn’t stay in all night like a nerd and create a picture perfect sign like some of these dweebs. No, he was out getting banged up on $2.00 bottles and making bad decisions in between puke breaks and slices of pizza. “Oh shit, I have to be at GameDay in 20 minutes.. ah fuck it, where’s my Sharpie?”

Congrats to the winner and honorable mentions. You are in rare company (only because I’ve only been doing this for two weeks). Keep up the good work college kids.

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