Jerry Jones Says “NO EXTENSION FOR YOU!”

Who didn’t expect this? Jerry Jones is not happy with Roger Goodell’s current handling of his star running back’s off the field troubles. At this point there’s not much he can do on the Zeke front as it plays out in court, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go down kicking and screaming.

You know what else is going on in the Commissioner’s office right now? A contract extension. Not so fast my friends.  

PFT – There’s news on Commissioner Roger Goodell’s contract extension. But it’s not really news.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has impeded the process of finalizing Goodell’s new deal, which would extend his stay through 2024.

“If it weren’t for Jerry’s involvement, Goodell’s extension could be done,” Schefter said. Both Schefter and Chris Mortensen made a big deal about the fact that Jones has made himself into an unofficial member of the Compensation Committee. 

This might be the most baller, villainous move ever. Jerry Jones doesn’t give two shits about your Compensation Committee and who’s an official member. If he’s not happy about the way things are going, he is going to make himself part of that committee just to fuck shit up.

I have to think most other owners secretly love this too. Except for Mike Brown, who probably doesn’t have any idea that this is going on as he argues with a parking lot attendant, trying to negotiate the price to park his 1994 Chevy Lumina at Oktoberfest.

Maybe this will lead to an owner revolt and Goodell is finally seen for the piece of trash he is. Other Commissioners will make you money too, greedy NFL owners. Roger isn’t unique in that regard.

If The Rock decides he doesn’t want to run for office in 2020, maybe the NFL owners will come to their senses and give him a shot at NFL Commissioner. Instead of suspensions,  Vontaze will have to face the music and try not to get Rock Bottomed or hit with the People’s Elbow at the league office. I’m already getting excited.

Jerry Jones isn’t hero we deserve, but the one that we need.

One thought on “Jerry Jones Says “NO EXTENSION FOR YOU!”

  1. Good! Don’t get me wrong, I dislike Jerry. Even as a Cowboys fan (or maybe because I’m a Cowboys fan?). But Goodell is terrible. The dude has completely botched so many discipline situations to embarrassing level.

    I know the owners like him because the league is so profitable for them. Im pretty sure many other sharp people out there would take the job for that rediculous salary.


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