Are we Witnessing the End of the Lewis Era?

Marvin Lewis has been a mainstay in Bengals Country for 14 years now. He has taken this team from a 90s laughing stock to a regular playoff participant; but could we finally be witnessing the end of the Marvin Lewis Era?

This is a question that is often thrown around year to year mainly due to the disappointment of another one and done playoff performance, but this year it just has a different feel. Don’t get me wrong it is easy to have these feelings of doubt and anger when the team is 0-2 and hasn’t scored and offensive touchdown through two weeks.

This team is not the same Bengals team of the last 10 years that has been competing consistently at a high level. The team that is known for recent draft success has had a couple rough drafts. The organization known for retaining its own chose not to this off season. The quite locker room is now speaking out. The Bengals mentality this year seems to be one of defeat through two games rather then opportunity; this to me falls on the leader (Marvin Lewis). I understand the players play the game but at some point the coach has to push the team and Marvin has never been known as a rah rah guy at least to the public eye.

If Marvin wishes to coach this team after this year he has to stop being a friend and start being a coach. I appreciate everything Marvin has done for this organization, but it is time to move on. They need a leader they need and new mentality. They need to move on from the right players and retain the ones that will lead. Tunnel vision is defined as…”the tendency to focus exclusively on a single or limited goal or point of view.” This is the perfect definition of what the Bengals under Marvin Lewis have become as a team. Do you think it is time for the Bengals Organization to move on from Marvin Lewis?

Gary Landers/Associated Press

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