Best College GameDay Sign – Times Square, New York City, 09/23/17

I was skeptical when I heard College GameDay was going to be at Times Square in New York City. I wasn’t sure if there were enough die-hard, drunk college kids to produce a plethora of funny signs to pick from this week. Annnnd, I was right. Sure, every major college program has a bar dedicated to their school on game days. ESPN wasn’t going to let us forget about that. The problem is, these people are adults with jobs and lives, not college kids with nothing other than a case of beer, a sharpie, and countless hours thinking of funny signs.

Despite the lack of material, I pulled through, and I think I found some signs worth of being featured in this week’s GameDay Sign breakdown.  

First off, the award for “The Most Hateable Guy at College GameDay”

I think the picture speaks for itself.

092317 gameday hamilton

The “Is Whitty in NYC?” Award

I know my man Whitty would be more creative than this if he were going to crack a Kevin Durant joke, but this poser is on the right track.

092317 gameday KD

Honorable Mention

Dick Clark is very dead. Which makes this sign very funny. I also found myself wondering what the other half of this poster board was used for.

092317 gameday dick clark

And now what we all came for. The 09/23/2017 GameDay Sign Champion of the World:

“Jim Harbaugh eats Panda Express in Chinatown” rivals last week’s Dabo Swinney potato chip joke. Not only is it random, but it’s a perfect dig at someone. Why would someone eat at Panda Express in Chinatown when there are dozens of other authentic Chinese restaurants nearby? Who knows, and that’s what makes this so funny. Is there even a Panda Express in Chinatown? Brilliant.

092317 gameday harbaugh

Thanks for checking out this week’s rundown of College GameDay signs. Be sure to keep sending them my way on Twitter @MillironMac. The post can only be as good as the signs allow it to be. So if you thought it sucked this week, blame ESPN and their weird decision to not have GameDay on a college campus. I will not take blame. However, if you thought the post was good, that was all on me pulling the best out of a bad situation. If you saw some signs that were deserving mention, please comment below or let me know on Twitter. Time to order some Chinese food…

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