Rick Pitino Makes Premature Exit from Louisville

Earlier today the University of Louisville, aka University-6, fired their clean-cut head coach Rick Pitino (as first reported by the Nati Boys Podcast on tomorrow’s episode, subscribe rate and review). It’s hard to see someone like Pitino go down like this, ruining his reputation of always running a squeaky clean program wherever he went. If you can see past the sex scandals, stripper incidents, and improper benefits for players, Pitino was exactly who I’d want to pass off my future 6’9” power forward son to. You couldn’t really ask for a better role model to take the reigns of your son’s development into a man.  

You’ve really gotta feel for Rick, though. He was probably just finishing up dinner at a nice Italian restaurant last night when he got the call. Boom, 15 seconds later and it was over. His career as an NCAA head coach was forever stained without warning. Pitino wasn’t the only guy that found himself in a sticky situation though. In comes his buddy Tom Jurich. Jurich was given the task of relieving Quick Rick Wednesday morning, a task they usually call a specialized service in for, but he just couldn’t muster up the courage to get his hands dirty. Tom Jurich, you’re fired too. Maybe your daughter can get you a job at Adidas.. she really works there, look it up.

The once dominant Louisville Cardinals basketball program finds itself in a peculiar situation. No leader of their program, no athletic director, no 2018 commits (well, maybe one, but they’re still waiting on the NCAA to verify his eligibility).

As of the writing of this article, Louisville still hasn’t named an interim head coach. Rumors are Tom Crean could be wearing Cardinal red soon, but I don’t know why anyone would want this job beyond the 2017-2018 season. Maybe Crean will come coach a year and bail. I know one-and-done isn’t something the state of Kentucky is keen on, but Crean could be keen of the scene as he’s trying to wean.. fuck I ran out of things that rhyme with Crean…  his way out of coaching and still make some green. Boom, nailed it.

2 thoughts on “Rick Pitino Makes Premature Exit from Louisville

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