Best College GameDay Sign – Virginia Tech | Blacksburg, VA, 09/30/17

This week the College GameDay crew stormed onto Virginia Tech’s campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. With GameDay back on a college campus where it belongs, I expected a better turnout than last week’s NYC showing. The nerds at Virginia Tech did not disappoint.

As expected, Dabo Swinney took another beating. This week made more sense since Virginia Tech is playing Clemson, but there’s no doubt that Dabo is the inspiration for a large percentage of all GameDay signs this year. I’m not a fan of how easy GameDay-goers are letting Nick Saban off these days, but maybe we’ll see Saban signs pick up once they get into the meat of the SEC schedule and he does something to be a dickhead.

On to this week’s awards… 

Sign That Hurt Mac the Most

bad day year to be a tiger

It’s well known that I’m a huge Tiger Woods fan. It sucks that he’s fallen from the top of the golf world and onto hard times. Will Tiger ever return to his glory and at least compete on Sundays? I’m skeptical but the fanboy in me still has high hopes. This sign is very true, and that’s why it hurts so bad. Taking it a step further.. Bengal tigers.. Bengals suck.. double whammy. I couldn’t give two shits about Clemson’s fortune, so joke’s on you VT fan… **curls up on floor and cries while snuggling a red Nike polo and Andy Dalton bobblehead**

Most Topical Sign of the Week

Pitino paid me to be here

As first reported by Milliron Sports on The Nati Boys podcast (available on iTunes.. rate, review, subscribe, yaddy yaddy yah), Rick Pitino was a casualty of the FBI’s crackdown on the world of NCAA recruiting. I’m not sure I believe this kid though.. unless they’re a hooker and GameDay was held in an Italian restaurant’s bathroom.

For more Pitino sex jokes, check out Wednesday’s blog.

Sign We All Agree On

FBI wants Bama

I’m getting kinda tired of every GameDay having “SCHOOL X WANTS BAMA” signs. Finally, a worthy opponent. If the FBI had five minutes in Alabama’s offices, I have no doubt they’d find some sort of violation. Let’s make it happen, folks.

And the winner is………….

Dabo Berry Skoal zoom

Another week, another prefect, but random dig at Clemson’s head coach. If he’s not eating potato chips in two bites, he’s dipping Skoal Berry, which sounds like a helluva lot of heartburn in a can.

Thanks for checking out this week’s College GameDay Sign winners. If you think I missed any, be sure to let me know on Twitter @MillironMac and we can discuss how you’re wrong and I didn’t leave any worthy signs off the list. If you think this blog sucked, come back and read again next week.. I promise it’ll be better (that’s probably a lie).

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