Cup Check: Are Baseballs Ruining America’s Pastime?

As summer gives way to fall the MLB postseason is finally upon us. It was a long and grueling regular season filled with errant helmet throws, pointless rules debates, and, worst of all, the Mets. One hot button issue that has taken over the world of contact sports of late has been concussions and the risks they pose for future health concerns. While head trauma is certainly a very real and very scary threat, we witnessed another very scary moment on Tuesday night during the Yankees/Twins Wild Card matchup (at least most guys would consider it scary). I’m hear to bring your attention to another player safety issue that doesn’t get nearly as much press coverage as it deserves: dudes getting hit in the junk.

Gary Sanchez was the latest to be added to the very unpopular list of players hit in the nuts by a baseball. You could feel his pain through the television and even saw it all over the face of his teammate David Robertson. I mean imagine taking a baseball already traveling between 85-95 mph; having it come off a bat traveling even faster and then having that same ball hit you square in the nuts. Yikes!

People joke constantly that the MLB proposes rule changes for player safety when a star player gets hurt. We saw this earlier in the year when Bryce Harper had the exact same injury running to first base as Zach Cozart had in 2015. I could be wrong but I don’t remember elevated bases being presented as a problem when Cozart suffered his injury, but the sports world lost their minds over Harper getting injured. So I am forced to ask all joking aside; If Mike Trout or Bryce Harper take a ball off the junk will player safety be questioned? Probably not but for now I give you the latest victims of shots to the junk around the MLB.

(Warning some of the images in the following video will be disturbing to most guys.)

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