Wake Up With Whitty – 10/7/2017

Hello and welcome to another edition of Wake Up With Whitty. It’s October and the NHL season is finally here. The Blue Jackets looked sharp in their season-opening 5-0 victory over the Islanders.  As an unbiased observer (fan) I honestly cannot envision a scenario where the Jackets don’t go 82-0 (Editor’s Note: 81-1-0) and then sweep their way to a Stanley Cup championship. I know it was only one game, but I’ve seen enough to say that I can’t see anyone beating this team (Editor’s Note: Again.).  It was also great seeing the Penguins on the wrong side of a 10-1 ass kicking.  I don’t usually care for the Blackhawks, but anyone that embarrasses the Pens like that is okay in my book.  Let’s just hope they got it all out of their systems for tonight.

Jets Burn Browns

I never thought I’d say this in my life, but it may be time to stop picking on the Cleveland Browns.  After losing to Cincinnati last week, the Browns fell to 2-29 in their past 31 contests.  That ties a record for futility that has only been matched twice in NFL history.  Then earlier this week a literal dumpster fire was reported outside of the Cleveland Browns’ stadium.  As my boy Mac put it: you can’t make this stuff up.  The Browns were still licking their wounds heading into this weekend when the Jets dropped another bomb on them.  The Jets Twitter account tweeted a picture of the Browns dawg logo sitting down with a sad look on its face and a cone of shame around its neck.  The caption simply said “Sit.”  Someone get Cleveland some burn ointment.

The tweet itself really wasn’t that bad.  I actually like when teams’ social media accounts talk trash to each other, it makes it fun for the fans.  This was just some harmless ribbing, but what really hurts is that it came from the Jets.  Before the season started there were NFL experts picking the Jets to finish 0-16.  Now that they’ve gotten a couple wins under their belt, they’re clearing feeling bold, and they decided to put lowly Cleveland in their sights.  Then to make matters worse, the Jets deleted the tweet.  “Hey, these guys don’t have much going for them.  Let’s take some pity on them and take back that mean thing we said about them.” Ouch.

If you’re Cleveland, you have to win this weekend.  That’s the only way to come back from this. If the Jets dunk on you on Twitter, delete the tweet out of pity, then you let them beat you at home…just pack it in. There’s no need to continue this sad existence. And if you’re not a Browns fan, let’s take it easy on them for a while. No need to keep kicking them while they’re down. Unless they say anything to you that includes the word “Windians”. Then, by all means, let them have it.

Lin Schools K-Mart

Former NBA star Kenyon Martin had some words for Brooklyn Nets point guard Jeremy Lin and his choice of hairstyle. While he didn’t explicitly say it, he essentially suggested that Lin should not have chosen to wear dreadlocks because he’s Asian. He also suggested that his teammates should’ve have intervened and stopped him from rocking that hairstyle. On a video posted on Instagram Martin suggested someone tell Lin “We get it. You wanna be black” and then added “But your last name is Lin.” Martin backed off a little in a second video, saying Lin can wear whatever hairstyle he wants, but Kenyon also said he doesn’t have to like it, and he can say whatever he wants to say about it, and people should just back off because it was a joke. (LOL. Oh, I get it!)

Lin responded to Martin with a very subtle, but very clever, jab. Lin told Martin he’s entitled to his opinion, and is actually glad he shared it. He then went on to say that he is glad that he has dreads, and that Martin has Chinese writing tattooed on his body, because he sees it as a sign of the respect that they have for each other’s cultures. Burn. He even said that he had Martin’s poster growing up. I think Lin just posterized Kenyon.  Martin has since apologized, but still said he think Lin’s hairstyle is “hilarious”.

I like Kenyon, but I think Lin got the better of that exchange. As a white guy that doesn’t have dreads, or Chinese writing tattooed on my body, I’m not sure if I can comment on cultural appropriation or who should/shouldn’t wear which hairstyles. But I will say this: Lin looks ugly with dreadlocks. As someone who isn’t ugly, I think I’m allowed say that. Or maybe I’m not? I forget how that works. The one thing I find interesting is that Martin made one truly ignorant comment, and from what I’ve seen nobody has called him on it. He ended his second Instagram video with a “Go Cowboys!” SMH. Grow up, man.


My 16 year old self was just dealt a major blow. It was announced this week that AIM will be shutting down for good on December 15, 2017. AIM used to be the way to stay in touch with your friends. Before text messaging. Before MySpace. Before Facebook. Before Twitter. Before whatever kids are using today, there was AIM.

I haven’t used AIM in like 7-8 years. I didn’t even know it was still in existence until this announcement. But now I’m going to miss it. I’m going to miss all of the “clever” screen names. I’m going to miss all of the passive aggressive away messages. I’m going to miss the insecure feeling when you sent a message to your crush while they were idle, then they returned to active for a bit and went idle again, all without replying to you. If I can remember any of my AIM screen names and I can figure out the passwords, I’m downloading AIM and I’m using the shit out of it for the next 2 months. I suggest you do the same.

Parting Thoughts

Thank you again for joining me for another Wake Up With Whitty. As always, leave a message let me know what you thought. Subscribe to the Nati Boys podcast on iTunes. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to check out the rest of the site as well. See you next weekend.

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