Beastmode Stealing Headlines in 2017

This NFL season is full of headlines whether it is another anthem protest or the real question on everyone’s mind is Zeke playing or not, but why is Marshawn Lynch becoming the most talked about man in football? Lynch is typically a very private player but he has already found himself in the spotlight a couple times this season.  He broke the internet earlier this season when he was seen dancing on the sidelines celebrating a blow out win against the Jets. Beastmode continued stealing the show on Thursday Night Football when he stormed the field to confront a Chiefs player after a late hit on QB Derek Carr the problem is he pushed the ref in the process and was quickly ejected.

The easy answer to a quiet guy like Lynch suddenly being so out there is that he’s having fun playing football again, but honestly Marshawn Lynch may just be a comedic genius. He is one of those guys I have always liked and I think for the most part he is very misunderstood, but in a season with much controversy Lynch is reminding us how much fun football can be after all it is just a game.


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