Random Simpsons Episode Review – Treehouse of Horror Special

With Halloween right around the corner, the candy has been flowing at the DB household.  While we snack on Snickers and Butterfingers, we’ve been using the FXNOW app to throw on some of the older Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episodes.  They have a great playlist with all of the episodes readily available, which makes it easy to binge-watch while I binge-eat.

Today, I’m going to review one of my favorite Halloween episodes:

Season 6, Episode 6: Treehouse of Horror V

Treehouse of Horror V

Original air date: October, 1994

Basic Plot

The Treehouse of Horror episodes are traditionally split up into three mini-stories which parody other pop culture movies or shows.  The first of the three stories in this episode parodies the Jack Nicholson classic The Shining, where Homer goes crazy with no TV and no beer.  Here’s a short clip:

The writers really have a great way of infusing the Simpsons DNA into any other story, and the details that they throw in are what makes these shows special.  Whether it’s Moe showing up as the ghost bartender from The Shining, or Mr. Burns seeing blood gushing from the elevator and simply commenting: “That’s odd.  Usually the blood gets off on the second floor,” the small things are what make these Halloween specials great.

The second story in the episode is titled Time and Punishment, and deals with a time-travelling Homer.  His toaster breaks, and by simply trying to fix it, he ends up creating a time machine which sends him back to the past multiple times.  Homer finds that each time he changes something in the past, his future also changes (usually for the worst).  Here’s the first part of the story:

The third story is a parody of Soylent Green, a movie from the 70’s about eating people.  In this short, Principal Skinner finds a solution to his overpopulated detention room and lack of cafeteria foods: turning the children into meals.

One of my favorite running gags that they have in all three mini-stories is Groundskeeper Willie attempting to save the protagonists, and getting axed in the back for his efforts.


Closing Thoughts

This is one of my favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes.  It has running gags throughout all three mini stories, and the parodies of movies are done in a hilarious way that only The Simpsons could pull off.  On a scale of 1-6 Duff Beers, I’m giving this episode the full 6 pack.  It’s a classic Halloween episode.


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