The BBWAA Is Officially Uninvited to My Birthday Party

The Baseball Writers’ Association of America should be ashamed of themselves. They robbed Joseph Daniel Votto of his second National League Most Valuable Player Award and gave it to some jabroni that hit .281 and can’t decide if he wants to go by Mike or Giancarlo. You know who rakes and doesn’t have an identity crisis over what his name should be? Joey Votto. Votto hit a solid .320 with an on-base percentage of .454. Did he hit 59 bombs like Giancarlo/Mike Stanton? No, but he hit 36 with 100 RBI. Joey Votto has consistently put together season after season of greatness and only has one damn MVP to show for it. That is an absolute disgrace and the BBWAA should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe if they spent less time bitching about the Coke machine being broken or the media dining room spread not being what they feel it should be and watched a fucking game or two, they’d see the huge mistake they’ve made. They fell into the same trap that every casual baseball fan does and looks at HR totals as the be all and end all. If Joey wanted to hit 59 home runs a season, he’d do it. I’m 100% confident in saying that.

You can’t even make the argument that Mike/Giancarlo/Peter Stanton deserved the award over Votto because Joey was on a sub-par team. The Marlins finished 77-85 and 20 games behind the Nationals. Am I bitter because I’m a long suffering Reds fan that is sick of seeing Joey’s greatness wasted and constantly overlooked by all of the nerds that wish they had an ounce of his talent? You’re god damn right that’s the case, but it doesn’t make me wrong.

Lucky for us Reds fans, this will just fuel the fire of the god-like hitter Joey is. Next year he’ll be playing with an even bigger chip on his shoulder and a pissed off Joey is bad news for opposing pitchers. At least he’ll do it with a normal helmet and not some flap on his jaw because he’s afraid of some high and tight heat. Wherever Stanton ends up next year, and whatever first name he decides to use, I will root against him every pitch of the way. And I kinda of feel bad doing it, because it’s not his fault that the BBWAA are narrow minded losers that don’t see that they just passed up the greatest all around hitter of our generation for yet another award. But that’s how it goes.. I don’t choose my enemies, I let fate choose them for me. Sorry Mike/Giancarlo. You just made the list.

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