Best College GameDay Sign – Wisconsin | Madison, WI, 11/18/17

The long awaited return of the Milliron Sports College GameDay Sign blog is here. It’s been a while, but the stars aligned and I was able to get some quality time in with the blog machine on this gloomy Saturday morning.

The GameDay crew was in Madison, Wisconsin for this week’s showdown between the Michigan Wolverines and Wisconsin Badgers. I have no dog in the fight, but I love cold weather Big Ten football, so this is must see TV in the Mac household. As expected, the opposing coach, Jim Harbaugh took a beating from the fans with their signs. If you can weed through all the copycats out there trying to get money sent to their Venmo accounts, there is usually some pretty good content in the crowd. That is, unless you’re in NYC Time Square for some weird reason.  



I love this sign for so many reasons. I’m not a Jim Harbaugh hater by any means. Do I like the guy? Sometimes. He mostly just makes me laugh. He’s the over the top friend that drives you nuts but you still see the good in him and know it’s not his fault that he’s the way he is. Regardless of how you feel about Colin Kaepernick as a person, he’s just not a good quarterback. Is he better than some backups on current NFL teams? Sure, but the idea that he can just step into any NFL offense and turn a struggling team around is asinine. Even some of the best QBs in the game would have difficulties if given that task. I don’t give two shits about who kneels, who has what political beliefs, who marries who, or what team you root for (unless it’s the Steelers/St. Louis Cardinals/Penguins/Miami-OH or any of the other teams I hate so much that my blood boils). What makes this sign so funny is the fact that Jim Harbaugh did, in fact, bench a QB who has found much success in Kansas City for a guy who ended up losing his job to Blaine Gabbert in 2016. Yes Blaine Fucking Gabbert. Let that sink in and keep it in the memory bank next time you get in an argument over whether Colin Kaepernick should be signed by Team X when their QB gets injured by a Steelers’ cheap shot.

Winner winner, chicken dinner:

The Ball Family is never not in the news anymore. Whether it’s LaVar doing something stupid, Lonzo going 3-for-287 from the field on Lonzo Wednesday (sorry, DB), or LaMelo getting yanked from his high school classroom because daddy doesn’t like the basketball coach, you can always find a headline. The often forgotten Ball brother, LiAngelo wouldn’t allow himself to be outdone and decided to steal from multiple stores while overseas in China with his UCLA teammates. Yes, China. Short of North Korea, there isn’t a worst place in the world for a foreigner to commit a crime (I don’t have facts, I’m just assuming). There’s no doubt that people won’t forget he exists anymore. Now that he’s back in the United States and serving his UCLA punishment rather than breaking rocks in a Chinese prison, we can all laugh about it. Ha-ha.. crazy kids.

Congrats to the orange-gloved man in Madison, Wisconsin for winning this week’s Milliron Sports College GameDay Sign of the Week. If this is you, or you know who this is, send him my way. I’ll send you a sticker or something that you can throw away or just set on the table and forget about it until you clean up before your parents come to visit and take you grocery shopping while you fight off a wicked hangover from the night before and choke down your lunch and play it cool. Ahhhh, those were the days.


Maybe when we start churning out shirts, we’ll send the winners (and Shirtless Jim) a t-shirt to wear with pride which will lead to them having to awkwardly explain what Milliron Sports is and why that person has probably never heard of us. I’ll have to get with accounting to see what’s in the budget for 2018.

Until next time.. which could be next week, or another six weeks.. take ‘er easy.


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