Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanksgiving is one of the best days of the year so it seemed like the perfect time to write my first blog.  I want to thank Mac, Whitty & DB for the opportunity to (hopefully) add another quality perspective to Milliron.

The football season is hitting its stride (although almost every NFL team sucks this year), the NBA is just around the corner from really mattering, college basketball is ramping up and the weather is turning so spending the entire weekend cooped up in the house watching sports for hours and hours is becoming more and more acceptable.  Thanksgiving Day brings it all together.  We have three NFL games, the Egg Bowl, a slew of college basketball match-ups as well as a seemingly never-ending table of food and time spent with family.  During this time with family, we like to rehash old stories and memories.

Here are three great Thanksgiving Day sports memories I have:

  • Peyton Manning throws 6 TDs in 3 quarters vs the Detroit Lions. I live and die with my fantasy football teams and I was in need of a win.  Peyton Manning locked up my fantasy win before I had even finished my 4th meal that day.


  • Randy Moss – 3 catches, 163 yards, 3 TDs. I do not like the Dallas Cowboys, so this game was quite enjoyable.  Moss had been having a good year and even had a big primetime game earlier but this allowed him to breakout to the casual NFL fan.  I remember a few of my family members watching that game and asking, “Where did Randy Moss come from?”

This picture is the epitome of Thanksgiving Day…football and our love of food.  I wish my wife looked at me the way Dennis Green is looking at that turkey.

  • The Butt Fumble. As a Bengals fan we hate Mark Sanchez.  He sucks, he knocked us out of the playoffs and Rex Ryan has a tattoo of his wife wearing a Sanchez jersey.  The butt fumble helps ease that pain as it is the funniest moment in NFL history and always makes me think of Thanksgiving.



Every year I walk into my grandma’s house on Thanksgiving and head straight to the kitchen.  I am scoping out the spread of food to determine my plan of attack when it is time.  We then gather downstairs as a family and catch up until everyone has arrived.  My grandma announces it is time to eat and the games begin.

Dinner time Rusev

Oddly, there is footage of me as I re-enter the kitchen and praise the Lord for this food I’m about to eat.  Also, today is also Rusev Day.  If you were not aware, shame on you, every day is Rusev Day.

Top 10 Thanksgiving Day Foods:

  1. My grandma’s cookies – This has turned into an appetizer and dessert with my family
  2. Stuffing – This stuff is magical. I always get way too much of this with my first plate and every bite of food has stuffing in it.
  3. Noodles & Gravy – This is a special item at my grandma’s house so for others it can just be considered gravy.
  4. Ham – Very underrated part of Thanksgiving and a bigger star than turkey.
  5. Pecan pie – I love my sweets and this is the king of pies.
  6. Rolls/Cornbread – Smother it in butter. I’m a weirdo that loves to put a big glop of grape jelly on my rolls.
  7. Turkey – To be fair I combine it with item 3 (noodles and gravy)
  8. Mashed Potatoes – A staple of all major feasts.
  9. Mac N Cheese – This is a Thanksgiving food and if you disagree well then you simply are wrong. There is no holiday, meal or moment that mac n cheese is not acceptable.
  10. SECONDS!!!!!!!!!

***I am not about that vegetable or sweet potato life.  Those are just a waste of plate space and chewing time.

After you awake from the food coma and head home another great part of Thanksgiving comes to mind.  It is a long weekend and Black Friday!  Now do not get me wrong this going out for door-buster deals is pure insanity and I am not into doing that.  Black Friday is filled with online deals (it is 2017) and the sports schedule is loaded with college basketball, college football, NBA and NHL games.

Please give thanks this coming weekend for all that we have here in this wonderful country.  Enjoy the food! Enjoy the games! And please be careful if you are traveling!



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