NBA 1/4 Season Awards Presented by Milliron Sports

For many people, the NBA season doesn’t even begin until the Christmas day marathon of games, but not here at Milliron Sports. We’re a quarter of the way through, and it’s time for me to present the highlights from the beginning of the year. Alright, I don’t want to waste anyone’s time here, so lets dive right into it:

Most Graphic Injury : Gordon Hayward

There wasn’t even a ton of competition for this one. It was opening night in Cleveland, and the Celtics were looking to make a statement against the Eastern Conference Champs. Too bad that statement was “HOLY SHIT, HIS LEG’S SHATTERED!”

WARNING: this shit is nasty.

It’s pretty surprising to me that Hayward hasn’t been missed that much, seeing as Boston went on that ridiculous winning streak.

Honorable mention: I know this wasn’t from the NBA, but prayers up to Grayson Allen after this nasty injury.  Shoutout to @millironmac for providing the footage.

Most Likely to Have His MVP Award Stolen By LeBron: Giannis Antetokuonmpo

Can I pronounce it? Absolutely not. I’ll just call him the Greek Freak.  He’s a stud, and tons of fun to watch play. LeBron is ridiculously good at basketball, but this guy is next. He’s averaging almost 30, 11 and 5. Even though Giannis is a stud, he’s not on a great team.  The Bucks are .500, and wouldn’t make the playoffs if they started today (obviously, we’re only 1/4th of the way through a season, so the picture will change). That being said, LeBron will carry a mediocre team to the NBA Finals and will once again be crowned league MVP after losing to the Warriors.

Biggest Bitch Move:  Lonzo Ball

I hate typing this. As a Lakers fan, it hurts. But, I wouldn’t be an unbiased, award winning journalist if I didn’t mention it. Lonzo walked away from a scuffle that his teammate was getting into.

A lot of people are quick to call Lonzo a bust this year. I guess if you aren’t an immediate All-star in todays world, you are labeled a mistake. I have taken a different approach when it comes to his game; he’s a rookie. He’s going to have a lot of ups and downs when it comes to play (he’s already had two triple-doubles – – flashes of greatness are seen). That being said, it’s hard for me to defend this move of not having your teammates back. Sporadic play is tolerable; watching as your teammates get into a shoving match and not doing jackshit isn’t.

Most Predictable Injury: Markelle Fultz

I trust the process. Ben Simmons is the real deal now, after missing his rookie year because of injury and Embiid may finally play more than 30 games this year, but we all knew this was coming. Every top pick by the Sixers goes through it.  It’s almost unavoidable for this squad. I haven’t heard a timetable for Fultz’s return, but it was pretty clear that the dude’s shoulder wasn’t right when he was playing at the beginning of the season.

Also 76ers, while I have your attention (I know you read our highly successful blog), #FreeOkafor. Trade the man, and let him get some playing time this year.

Saddest Story Line: Derrick Rose

Derrick Rose has stepped away from the Cavs to decide whether or not he’d like to continue his career in the NBA. To think of what could have been if not for a thousand different knee injuries. We kept waiting for a comeback that is likely never going to happen. Derrick Rose’s 2010 season when he was named the youngest MVP in NBA history was phenomenal. The good: NBA Rookie of the Year, MVP/leading the Bulls to a #1 Seed, a few All-Star appearances.  The bad: torn ACL, torn meniscus, playing for the Knicks, another torn meniscus.  His ceiling was so high, but he reached it about two years into his career. He’s no longer a punch line to a joke, just a sad story of what could have been.

Best Rivalry: Westbrook and Durant

This thing just keeps growing.  (That’s definitely not what she said).  Westbrook is a fiery player, and KD is reportedly a cupcake. It all came to a head this past Wednesday in one of the most entertaining blowouts I can remember.

The Big 3 in OKC have gotten off to a slow start this year, but will definitely make the playoffs by the time they roll around. Oh how lovely it would be if these two teams meet then.


I’m sure there are a few that I may have missed, so go ahead and shout me out on twitter @MillironDB and let me know other 1/4 Season NBA Award Winners.

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