Former Blue Jacket Fan Favorite Derek Dorsett Forced Into Early Retirement

Well, this really sucks. As a Blue Jackets fan, I loved watching Derek Dorsett. There were some nights that he was the only aspect of the lowly Blue Jackets game worth watching. Whitty and I suffered through some rough losing seasons as season ticket holders (not to brag) but we always sat on the edge of our seats when Dorsett was on the ice. He might not have been the biggest guy on the ice (he was often the smallest) but he played like a man possessed and wouldn’t back down from any player in the NHL, no matter the size. 

I really hated to see him leave Columbus via trade, but it was all part of the process that has turned the Blue Jackets into one of the best teams in the NHL for the past few seasons. Whether he was in New York as a Ranger, or later in Vancouver, I always liked to keep track of him and see how things were going.

When Dorsett was on the ice, he was always looking out for his teammates, but one of my favorite Derek Dorsett memories isn’t from 1 of his 105 NHL regular season fights. I don’t recall the team or even the exact season, but I do remember it was a preseason game. The Blue Jackets were stuck in their own zone and couldn’t clear the puck during a penalty kill. Dorse lost his stick somewhere along the way but remained on the ice because it was the second period and they had the far bench. The puck finally came his way and out of pure frustration and exhaustion, he picked the puck up with his hand and threw it the length of the ice like a baseball to clear the puck. Sure, it earned him two minutes in the box, but it also provided a memory that I, along with the 5,000ish other CBJ fans in attendance that night will remember forever.

I hope the Derek finds success in whatever is next for him. I’d love to see him come back in some sort of advisory role or player development position with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He still resides in Columbus in the off season, so it wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to see it happen.

Best of luck in the future Dorse. Thank you for all of the memories and for never giving less than 100% on the ice despite playing a plethora of meaningless games on really bad Blue Jackets teams.

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