Wake Up With Whitty – 12/3/2017

Hello and welcome to a late afternoon edition of Wake Up With Whitty. And by “late afternoon” I mean that this probably got finished late Sunday night and then I backdated it a few hours. A little trick we like to use in The Biz. Keeps your loyal fans on their toes and helps you reach a whole new audience. It’s how I’ve become so successful. And now that you’ve had a sneak peak at how the sausage gets made, it’s time to focus on more important things, like how I’m pissed about the College Football Playoff decision and how I can’t decide if I’m going to pop in Home Alone on DVD tomorrow night or if I’m going to suck it up and watch my Bengals embarrass themselves on Monday Night Football. So without further ado, here’s Wake Up With Whitty:

College Football Playoffs Are Set

Well, the College Football Playoff selection committee had a tough decision on its hands today. If Wisconsin had won last night, then it would have been pretty cut and dry and the committee probably would have gotten to sleep in a bit today. An Oklahoma loss probably probably would have helped a bit too. Instead, they got the one scenario that offered the greatest potential for controversy. Shockingly, the decision created a lot of outrage on Twitter. Initially I had the same urge to express my displeasure demonstratively on social media as my fellow Buckeye fans. I pulled up my bookmarked Thesaurus.com entries for “abomination” and “mad as fuck” (which has surprisingly few synonyms) and set to work tearing apart the committee 280 characters at a time. But before I had a chance to hit “send” on my dissertation on where the committee could stick Alabama and their #4 playoff spot that I had stored up in my “drafts” folder, I saw it. One tweet that changed my entire perspective.

Fuck. If Skip Bayless agrees with you, you’re doing something wrong. The truth is, both Ohio State and Alabama had flaws. Each team had opportunities throughout the year to lock up a guaranteed playoff spot, and neither team capitalized on those opportunities, so they left it in the hands of the committee. And the committee chose Bama. As soon as Alabama lost the Iron Bowl I had a feeling this was how things would play out. Personally I think Ohio State was more deserving, but I can understand the argument for Alabama too. I would have understood the argument for USC. Or UCF. Each year there’s been at least one “Power 5” division winner on the outside looking in. That’s what happens when you only have 4 playoff spots. I wouldn’t be surprised to see it expand to 8 teams in the near future, with the Power 5 conference champs receiving automatic bids, plus three “at large” teams. I still haven’t decided whether or not I’m in favor of that move. That may change if OSU is on the outside looking in a few more years in a row though.

Now that the playoff teams have been finalized, it’s time to look back on The Nati Boys’ final four predictions from the beginning of the season. A lot of bragging rights were on the line this year, so who got it right? Let’s take a look at our individual picks:


  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Florida State
  4. Oklahoma State


  1. Florida State
  2. Alabama
  3. USC
  4. Ohio State


  1. Ohio State
  2. Florida State
  3. USC
  4. Alabama


  1. Alabama
  2. Ohio State
  3. Florida State
  4. West Virginia

So there you have it, folks. All four of us went 1-3 with our playoff picks, which is not too bad if you ask me. I’m going to go ahead and crown myself the winner here since I’m the one writing this blog and there’s nothing the other three can do about it. Suck it DB, Jefe and Mac!

Tennessee Looking for Head Coach, Fires AD Instead

What a mess they currently have in Tennessee. They canned Butch Jones after several disappointing seasons and the whole football program is now in shambles. It all started with the Greg Schiano fiasco. The school announced that it had agreed to hire Schiano as its newest head coach, and then Volunteer fans made it their mission to sabotage the deal. Based mostly on unvalidated statements regarding Schiano’s tenure at Penn State during the Sandusky scandal, the Tennessee fan base vehemently protested the coaching hire and did the best they could to make Schiano out to be a bad guy not worthy of hire. Then, in an unprecedented move, the school withdrew the offer and decided to look elsewhere for its next coach. Which is a real shame, because there’s probably so much wood to be chopped down there in Knoxville.

This is actually kind of a scary precedent to set. The fact that the fan base could rise up and oppose the decision with little to no factual support to back up their stance, and the school’s athletic department would actually give in, is absolutely wild. Since then, just about every big name thrown out there has declined the job. It really seems like nobody wants to touch this one. It’s so bad that the school went out and fired its AD. So where do they go from here? Well it’s only logical that the fans should be stuck with that responsibility. All decisions will be made via Twitter votes in real time, all important meetings will be live-streamed on Facebook and press conferences will be conducted by the fans via Snapchat story. They’re the ones that got themselves into this mess, so they should be the ones that have to deal with it. Or they can keep Brady Hoke. The choice is theirs. I still can’t believe something like this could happen though. Marvin Lewis better be thankful that Mike Brown isn’t on Twitter.

Tiger Woods is Back! (For Real This Time…I Think)

I’ll be honest, I was one of many who had written off Tiger Woods a long time ago. After all the drama and controversy he went through, combined with his struggle to stay healthy, I thought the days of us seeing Tiger play meaningful golf were over. But in his first tournament back from his latest setback, he’s shown that he’s not quite dead yet. Is he the old Tiger? No, not by a long shot. And he probably never will be. But that doesn’t mean he can’t be competitive on the PGA tour. He proved that this weekend when he finished tied for 9th at -8. Not bad at all. With rounds of 69 (nice), 68, 75 and 68 he shied he can still compete on a consistent basis. He may not be able to sustain that level of success over the course of a full PGA season, but at this point I don’t think you can rule anything out. It is Tiger after all.

I’ll admit I’ve never been a huge Tiger fan. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I was a Tiger hater, but I usually found myself on Team Phil instead of Team Tiger. Pulling for Tiger always felt like rooting for the house at the casino. To me, he was the Yankees of golf, and it made tough for me to get on board with him. There was no denying the impact he had on the sport though. Plus the Tiger Woods EA Sports games were some of my favorites. The Rory edition just wasn’t the same. Here’s hoping EA jumps back on the Tiger Train too. I could use more Tiger Vision in my life.

Parting Thoughts

Thank you for joining me for another Wake Up With Whitty. Leave me a comment and let me know what you thought, and be sure to check out the rest of the blog as well. Keep up with the latest from Milliron Sports on Facebook and Twitter. And make sure you check out The Nati Boys podcast, now available on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play. Oh and I was kidding earlier about watching Home Alone instead of the Bengals. I honestly believe they’ve got a shot tomorrow night, and if they can pull it off then they’re squarely in the middle of the playoff picture. Also, I wouldn’t have been watching Home Alone on DVD anyways. I’d be watching it on Blu-ray. I just said DVD to make you think I’m just like you. Another industry trick. I’ll see you next weekend.

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