Jefe’s 25 Beers ‘til Christmas: Day 6

Welcome to the sixth day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas. We stay in Ohio for today’s beer; when I give you my rating on Ohio City Oatmeal Stout using a 1 to 5 scale. I have had several beer types from Great Lakes Brewing Company so I was very excited to try this beer. They also pissed off Lebron James when the tried to use his picture to sell one of their beer types. Making Lebron look like the bullying/ try hard he is; which makes me like them even more.

December 6th:

Ohio City Oatmeal Stout by Great Lakes Brewing Company (@GLBC_Cleveland)

Beer Type: Stout

Location: Cleveland, Believeland, Mistake on the Lake

My rating for this beer is a 4.0. I enjoyed this beer and it taste exactly like Guinness to me. Stouts can be tough to drink sometimes because they tend to taste like really heavy beers. Ohio City is different this beer had the perfect robust taste that most people love about stouts, but had a very easy drinking feel. I could definitely see myself drinking this beer again; it is perfect for the holidays. Now if Cleveland could just figure out football.


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