Jefe’s 25 Beers ‘til Christmas: Day 7

Welcome to the seventh day of Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas, where I try to help you track down the perfect holiday beer to get through the stress of the holiday season the way you were meant to; slightly buzzed. While I was searching for beer types to try, I happened to come across a case that includes five different types of Samuel Adams holiday beers. I have already reviewed for you their Chocolate Bock, and today I will be reviewing Old Fezziwig Ale and rating it on a 1 to 5 scale. So did it impress or disappoint?

December 7th:

Old Fezziwig Ale by Samuel Adams Brewery (@SamuelAdamsBeer)

Beer Type: Winter Ale

Location: Boston, Massachusetts Also brewed in the true QUEEN CITY; Cincinnati !!

My rating for this beer is a 3.25. It wasn’t terrible, but I usually really enjoy everything brewed by Samuel Adams. This just would not be my first choice if you offered me a variety of beer from this brewery. It had a very bland taste to me, even though on their website, it is described as spicy and bold bursting with flavors of the season. Actually after confessing the other day my hatred for IPAs, I really enjoy the Rebel IPA they make, or at least I did when I was hammered floating around on a cruise ship in the Bahamas this summer. If you are done with your Christmas shopping or like me you’re just waiting for the next Amazon package; just take a moment and give Old Fezziwig a try and let me know what you think. I can tell you my taste buds may be shot from years of eating scalding hot pizza rolls but come on Samuel Adams; Spicy and bold taste?


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