Reddit User Strikes Secret Santa Gold

Reddit has always confused and scared me. Some people might say I’m even intimidated by Reddit. Not everyone, but some people. Now it looks like there’s a whole other layer of Reddit for me to be scared of. Not only do these people form communities and seem to know each other just like a couple of Regular Joes standing around the water cooler talking about their dickhead boss named Peter, but now they are sending each other hundreds of dollars in gifts for Secret Santa.

Reddit user /u/pakmann struck gold this holiday season when he received an Xbox One S for Christmas from /u/Cheewa1980.  See, even the way you address/tag/whateverthefuckitscalled other users is weird. /u/? Whatever, I’ll play your stupid game.

Let’s all take a second and tip our caps to /u/Cheewa1980 before I get to the meat and potatoes about what’s bothering me. You did it bud, you got a great gift. I’m sure /u/pakmann is very thankful and you made his holiday season that much better. But….

You’re totally swagger jacking the great Michael Scott. Let’s not forget Michael pulled this shit once before in a Christmas episode of The Office when he bought Ryan an iPod. I can’t help but think poor /u/Cheewa1980 got one of Phyllis’ homemade oven mitts and demanded everyone play Yankee Swap.

michael scott christmas

Second.. yes, Toby, second: How do we know /u/pakmann isn’t a PlayStation guy? Pretty presumptuous to think he’s just gonna flip system allegiance just because you had a little extra room on your credit card this holiday season. I’d be checking eBay or whatever kids are using these days for a quick flip so he can finally afford that PlayStation VR that has been on his Amazon Wishlist for this past year. Smart.

All in all, this is a really cool story. Maybe if I’m not still too scared of Reddit in 2018, I’ll test the waters of a Secret Santa thread. I just hope people like Milliron Sports t-shirts or whatever other Milliron merchandise I bought too many of.

Upvotes for everyone and something about karma!!

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