The Carson Wentz Injury Is My Fault

I should have known better.

The Bengals hopes of making the playoffs are all but extinct, so I began looking for another team to root for until the season is over. There are certain teams that, under any circumstances, I can’t bring myself to root for, so the Steelers and Patriots were already eliminated from my potential fandom. However, there were some strong lookers in the NFC that made me turn my head a little bit.

I always liked Mike Zimmer, so the Vikings were in contention. I could also throw my attention at the LA Rams, in hopes that Whitworth could finally get a ring that Marvin never won him in Cincy. And then, there was the Eagles. Carson Wentz seems like a good dude, and the Monday night feature about him and a dying fan was a tear jerker.

Friday afternoon, a video surfaced of Kobe Bryant throwing on an Eagles jersey after he had given them a motivational speech. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m all about Kobe, and am a mindless sheep, so that was it, I was sold!

I should have known that it meant certain doom for whoever I chose. Someone up there doesn’t want me to experience any happiness when it comes to football fandom. I’ve been devastated by another Carson knee injury.

I don’t personally know any Eagles fans, but I’d like to apologize in the traditional Philadelphia way:

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