Jefe’s 25 Beers ‘til Christmas: Day 15

Welcome to Jefe’s 25 Beers ’til Christmas, today I give Michigan a chance to prove they don’t suck as much as Whitty and T-bone tell me they do. I will be trying a Christmas beer from Bell’s Brewery and I will be rating it on a scale of 1 to 5. Let’s see if it made me give a damn about at least part of the state of Michigan.

December 15th:

Christmas Ale by Bell’s Brewery (@BellsBrewery)

Beer Type: Scotch Ale

Location: The state up North, Michigan.

I am rating this beer a 2.0. Have you ever seen those Pure Michigan commercials? Have you ever noticed they don’t talk about beer, I now know why. This beer taste like cigarettes. Well not really, but it does have a very smoky and dark aftertaste. It wasn’t a smooth beer to drink at all I can’t see myself drinking more than one of these, like ever in my life. It was very disappointing because I actually enjoy Oberon made by the same brewery. Anyways, stick to what you know best Michigan snow and sucking at football. All joking aside if you are a fan of richer darker and smoky tasting beers give this one a try, and let me know what you think.


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