Jeff Hornacek Would Not Make the Milliron Sports Basketball Team

What a pathetic shot. Embarrassing, some might say. If you’re a former NBA shooting guard, you’ve gotta put forth a better effort. I don’t care if you’re wearing a suit and shot from 45ft out. At least hit some iron or put the backboard in danger of getting shattered.

Milliron Sports doesn’t have a rec league basketball team yet, but I’m already putting it out there that Jeff Hornacek doesn’t have what it takes to be a Milli. That’s what we’re calling ourselves now. Shout out Lil Wayne. Get it? A Milli – It was a song from Tha Carter III dammit..

There’s only so much room on the roster available for washed up guys chucking up air balls because they forgot how weak they’ve become. We’ve reached our quota. Exceeded, some might say.

Better luck next year.

better luck next year


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