The Grammys Took It Over the Top; Donald Glover Is Too Talented

Over the past few years, I’ve become a pretty big fan of Donald Glover. The first time I really remember seeing him was on an episode of Conan and he was making fun of his name (Don Glover, DONG LOVER). I never really watched Community, but friends who have watched it say they loved him in it. Then, I found out he did some stand-up comedy specials that were available on Netflix, which are pretty funny.

AND THEN, I found out he was also a rapper by the name of Childish Gambino. I’m a pretty big fan of rap (at least I used to be; I’m too old now to keep up with everything), so I went ahead and listened to some of his music on youtube. Pretty good.

I ended up watching his show Atlanta last year on FX, and the wife and I really enjoyed it. There’s comedy in it, but also drama about the struggles of a young man growing up in the ATL (he also writes, directs and executive produces the show).

Last night at the Grammys took it over the top.

This performance was phenomenal. The young man he brought out at the end will play Young Simba in the live version of Disney’s Lion King, while Glover will play Old Simba.

Actor, comedian, rapper, singer, writer, director, producer, etc., etc., etc…. this guy is too talented. It’s not fair.

Edit: Holy shit, I completely left out that he’s going to be in the next Star Wars movie, Solo, portraying Lando Calrissian. I’m so jealous of this dude.

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