Eagles Fan Gets Best Super Bowl Tattoo of All Time

I’m kind of tired of the standard championship tattoos people get every season when their team wins the big game. Is that because I’m partially jealous that they are getting to celebrate a championship and I’m not? Probably. But this isn’t about me. It’s even worse when fans get the preemptive celebratory tattoo just for attention on Twitter and the annoying Darren Rovell tweets. This, however… this is how you celebrate a championship. What is more badass than the actual drawn up trick play that proved that Foles > Brady (at catching the ball)? Nothing. The answer is nothing. I will take this over the team’s logo and Lombardi Trophy with bad shading and terrible line work any day of the week. Keep your $350 tattoo of an Eagles logo that will prolly get changed eventually anyway. Give me the playbook tattoo, and give it to me now.

Maybe when the Reds win the World Series, I’ll get the scouting report of the pitcher that Votto hit the walk-off home run off tattooed across my chest.

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