Something is Fishy about Lebron and the Cavs

Whether it is a passive aggressive subtweet or a team member being accused of faking an injury, something is definitely wrong with the Cavs this year. Whitty shared his theories about the Kevin Love injury last week and it really got me thinking about all the recent Cavs drama, and how it may be all just smoke and mirrors. I pose this question to explain where I am going with this, Why would the most arrogant player of all time want his team off of national television?

I believe Lebron’s master plan is to drive down the appeal of the Cavs for the rest of the season so he can set his price for purchase and completely own Dan Gilbert in his final masterpiece the 30 for 30 special: The Final Decision.

When I first had this thought, I was like no way he just wants out of Cleveland and we are witnessing the end of this relationship again. But in the last couple weeks, the stories are all about discord with the organization, there are rumors he wanted Kyrie back, and my personal favorite report simply saying he has “no relationship” with Dan Gilbert. It seems pretty obvious Lebron is giving up and his team is following him.

To me, management and ownership are being blamed for everything, suggesting just maybe there could be a big offseason shakeup to front office positions and even ownership. This plays right into what King James wants in my opinion and the downward spiral should drive down the cost of doing business. So is Lebron’s final middle finger to Mr. Gilbert going to be purchasing the Cleveland Cavaliers? I guess only time will tell.


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