Gennett Scoots on down to Goodyear in Style – Scooter Gennett made the trek from Sarasota to Goodyear in a rental RV. He and his wife, Kelsey, and dog, Leo, spent the night in two RV parks.  

Leo was the reason for the unconventional mode of transportation.

“He’s pretty big,” Gennett said. “Me and the wife aren’t too confident in putting him under the plane. We heard some bad stories about the dog coming out stiff as a board from baggage claim.

Baseball is my favorite sport in the world. It always has been and always will be. Spring Training, most notably the first few days of everyone reporting to camp, is just the shot in the arm I need after the post-Super Bowl letdown. Most of the time you get flooded with cookie cutter stories about Player A being in the best shape of their career or Player B is out to prove they’re worth the blockbuster deal they just signed in the off season.

This year, Mr. Four Homeruns himself made some headlines on the unconventional mode of transportation he took to Goodyear, Arizona. Most guys fly first class or make a short trip from their off-season home in their luxury automobiles or larger than life trucks, but not our boy Scooter.

Keeping his dog’s best interests in mind, Scooter rented a 30-foot RV (shoutout Cousin Eddie) to make the trek from Sarasota, Florida to the Phoenix suburbs. I respect the hell out of this decision and can’t blame him for one second. Dogs are more important than most humans in this world, so their comfort and luxury is a top priority for me. Could he have ponied up and hired a driver so he could sit in the back and drink beer while playing PlayStation? That’s what I would’ve done. But then again, I’m not a big league ball player.

Maybe if Scooter wins his arbitration hearing on Friday, he’ll be able to afford an RV chauffeur for his trip to Spring Training next season.

Now that’s a good boy. What a beautiful family.

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