“Seasoned” Backup Veteran Hits Free Agent Market

Well, it is official AJ McCarron has won his grievance case against the Bengals and this means he is officially a free agent as of March. This also means that the botched trade with the Browns, as if it wasn’t bad enough, will sting just a little bit more.

So fast forward to March, McCarron will venture into free agency hoping to be added to one of the thirty-one other NFL franchises as the guy instead of a guy. He is sure to get a huge payday since over paying back up quarterbacks with limited experience seems to be the norm from year to year. (ex: Brock Osweiler and Matt Flynn) He does, however, enter free agency with several other backups who assumed starting roles last season due to injury and they performed well above expectations. There should be huge interest in guys like Nick Foles and Case Keenum assuming they don’t stay put with their current teams.

This seems like it should be an easy answer, but how much money is an NFL team willing to shell out for a prospect with only 5 games experience on his professional resume. Listen this is not me hating on the guy, I like AJ McCarron, I just don’t think he is a true upgrade from a QB like Andy Dalton and I don’t really even want to waste the time finding out. Let’s not forget regardless of what you say about good Andy or bad Andy he beat McCarron out as the starting QB for several years. So will AJ McCarron go on to be a legend of the game or just another overpaid former backup? Only time will tell!

Scott R. Galvin/ USA TODAY Sports

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