Justin Thomas Is a Snowflake

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Justin Thomas got a victory this weekend at the Honda Classic, but not without controversy. He had to deal with a “rowdy” golf fan, and ended up having them thrown out of the gallery. He had this to say about the guy he had thrown off the course:

“We were walking up on the [16th tee] and this guy, I don’t know who he was talking to, but sounds like it was [to] me,” Thomas said in his post-round presser. “He said something like — he was like, ‘I hope you hit it in the water, hit it in the water,’ something like that. I just kind of like looked back there. Didn’t say anything.

“Just, again, I feel like there’s no place for that, and I hit it and my ball is in the air and it’s not — it’s in the middle of the fairway and he’s yelling for it to get in the bunker. I was like, okay, I’ve had enough. So I just turned around and asked who it was, and he didn’t want to say anything, now that I had actually acknowledged him. So he got to leave a couple holes early.


I don’t know much about Justin Thomas. If I’m being honest, today is probably the first time I’ve heard of him; guess I’m not a golf guy. But, to have someone thrown out for something so little is pretty petty to me. The guy was simply rooting against him; call the authorities.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely reasons to kick someone off a golf course during competition:

  • Someone yelling during your backswing, fucking up your whole game
  • Two big fat naked bikers in the woods off 17 having sex… (how am I supposed to CHIP with that going on, Doug?)
  • Shotgunning beers on the 18th green

Anyway, I don’t exactly feel bad for the guy (or girl; I don’t discriminate) that got kicked out, but I definitely think that Justin Thomas is a little snowflake and can’t deal with a fan rooting against him. And, apparently, this isn’t the first time he’s had people escorted off of the course for what he deems “unruly” behavior.

Thomas is only 24 years old. When I was that old, I WAS the obnoxious fan, so I kind of feel like he kicked me out of the tournament that I wasn’t watching. Maybe that’s why this bothered me so much. Good thing he doesn’t play a real sport (calm down, triggered golf fan), where he’d have to deal with assholes yelling obscenities directly in his face while he’s trying to compete.

I’ve got a rude awakening for him if he ever plays a video game; I’ve had an abnormal number of people say that they’ve banged my mom in the past week on Call of Duty. Guess I should report them and try to have them kicked out.


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