NFL to John Schnatter: “YOU are not the Papa”

ESPN –  Papa John’s is no longer the official pizza of the NFL.

CEO Steve Ritchie said on the company’s earnings conference call that the league and the company mutually decided it was in their best interests for Papa John’s, which became the official pizza of the league in 2010, to give up the designation.

As first reported by resident nerd Darren “Dan” Rovell at ESPN, the inevitable has happened. Papa John’s is no longer the official pizza of the NFL. It’s been a rocky relationship over the past year or two, leading to Papa John himself being replaced as the CEO after he blamed the NFL’s anthem protests for his drop in pizza sales.

I can’t speak for everyone else, but I know the first thing I did when I saw players kneeling for the National Anthem was cancel my Papa John’s order that I strategically ordered to be delivered between the early and afternoon games. I refused to let my hard earned $11.99 go to a company that was associated with the game we obsess over Sunday after Sunday; I don’t care how delicious your liquid garlic butter is. If you couldn’t tell, this paragraph was written with heavy sarcasm. If you still don’t get that, please direct all angry tweets to @HungryJefe to let your displeasure be known.

Could the drop in pizza sales have anything to do with the instant diarrhea it causes? Does it have to do with fact that their delivery was always late and when you tried to pick up in the store, it was never ready on time? Maybe it was the fact that Kroger always ran Screamin’ Sicilian frozen pizzas on sale. Nah, that probably wasn’t it. It was the players in the big bad NFL. Even Peyton Manning and his funny commercials couldn’t save the bad pizza.

Listen, I’m not saying I’m above eating Papa John’s. For the most part, what CEOs and the higher ups at a company believe in doesn’t affect the odds in whether or not I’ll buy their product. Unless they’re anti-dog. Then they’ll never see a fucking dollar of mine.

I’m very interested to see where Papa John’s goes from here. Will they continue to roll Peyton Manning out trying to sell pizzas? Peyton owns over 30 Papa John’s locations, so he still has a little skin in the game even though the NFL has parted ways with the brand. Only time will tell, but until then I’ll continue to not eat their garbage pizza because of their stance on the Anthem protests there isn’t one near my hometown.

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