Mick Cronin Wins Sporting News Coach of the Year

They said it at the beginning of the year, but a lot of people were skeptical. This was going to be Mick Cronin’s best team since he took over the reigns from Andy Kennedy at Cincinnati.

This season, Cronin has done an outstanding job coaching the Bearcats, and today he was named the Sporting News Coach of the Year after leading Cincinnati to the outright AAC regular season title. This comes just a day after UC Senior F Gary Clark was named the AAC Player of the Year. Hard to argue with that selection; Clark has been a force all season.

The past few years, Cronin has gotten a lot of shit from UC fans; some didn’t think he was fit for the job, and others waited for a big name to follow in Huggin’s footsteps. A lot of people just never gave him a shot from the get-go, and he’s proven them wrong for the last 8 years, making the NCAA tournament each time. We all know he can coach, but much like the Bengals, it’s time for him to get over that hurdle, and make it past the Sweet 16. He’s got the team to do it, and if everyone stays healthy, I see them playing well into the second weekend of the tournament.

Until then, this is my mood all day:

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