Does This Look Like the Face of a Daycare Worker Who Left Children Unattended so She Could Go Tanning?

daycare worker

BEND, Ore. (WKRC) – A former day care owner in Oregon was sentenced to 21 years in prison after she left the children in her care to go tanning, according to The Bulletin.

January Neatherlin, 32, pleaded guilty to the charges of 11 counts of first-degree criminal mistreatment and a count of third-degree assault.

Neatherlin was arrested in 2017 after seven children were found unattended. The children’s ages ranged from 6 months to 4 years old.

Surveillance video showed parents dropping the children off. Several hours later, Neatherlin was seen leaving the house to go to a tanning salon. Authorities said Neatherlin gave the children medicine to they would sleep while she went to the salon or gym.


I’m gonna go ahead and answer the question for you. Yes.

I don’t think there’s ever an instance where it’s ok for a man to put his hands on a woman, but I sure hope one of the moms got a chance to whoop this lady’s ass after she was outed as trash. This news story raises so many questions for me.

First off, I didn’t know there was another human on the planet named January other than January Jones. Was she born in January? I don’t feel like looking up the official booking records in Bend, Oregon to find out so I’m just going to assume she was. If you’re born in October but named January, wouldn’t that create a “Who’s on First” situation every time you were asked your name and birthday?


Secondly, you know this bitch wasn’t on the up-and-up with Uncle Sam. Every dollar she was getting from running her in-home daycare service was straight cash homie. Couldn’t she just save up for a tanning bed to put in her basement? For a nice round number, let’s say she gets $500 per kid monthly. If she watches 4 kids at a time, that’s $2,000/month from babysitting. Chances are the kids’ parents pack their lunches and provide diapers, so $2,000 is pure profit. There’s no way she can’t afford her own tanning bed after saving what she isn’t spending on living expenses, face piercings, and eye brow waxing.

tanning bed

They even offer financing. Although, I’m gonna make a wild assumption and guess January doesn’t have the best credit in the world…

Lastly, doesn’t she know tanning can fade her tattoos? Why would you pay all of your hard earned babysitting money on ink just to ruin them one tanning session at a time while you neglect children you were being paid to watch?

I don’t have any awards to give out, but if we had an award for “Face That Most Fits the Crime They’re Convicted Of”, I think January would take the cake. I hate to make wild assumptions based on someone’s looks, but this lady checks all the boxes of what you wouldn’t want in child care, most notably the whole knocking kids out so she can get her GTL on (shoutout Pauly D and The Situation) thing. I just hope her sister June doesn’t try to take over the family business any time… soon *erraa erraa*

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