Denver Broncos Sign Shortest Quarterback in Team History

Well, not really. But Case Keenum doesn’t really fit the mold for the current QBs that call Denver home. 

Per CBSSports: One of the NFL’s top free agents this cycle is suddenly off the market as quarterback Case Keenum intends to sign with the Denver Broncos once 2018 free agency officially begins on Wednesday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported early Tuesday morning.

Brock Osweiler and Paxton Lynch both stand 6’7″ tall and it looks like the below-average sized Trevor Siemian (6’3″) will be a cap-casualty before the season begins, while ol’ midget ass, sorry, little person Case Keenum checks in at 6’1″. I’m not sure what this does for Denver’s offense, considering their entire scheme was built around tall quarterbacks that could see over the line of scrimmage. At a tiny 6’1″, will Keenum be able to see his Bronco receivers? Only time will tell, but we’re in uncharted waters. Some people think it’s called the Mile High City because of it’s elevation from sea level. Others think it’s because everyone in Denver is stoned 24/7. The origins may never be revealed, but I always assumed it had something to do with tall quarterbacks.

Will Denver even bother throwing a pass this season? It’s hard to say. CJ Anderson is on the trade block, Jamaal Charles is a free agent, and I’m not sure Devontae Booker is ready to carry the ball 65 times a game, so they might have to mix it up with a pass or two. At a squatty 6’1″, they’ll likely just run the chuck ‘n duck with Keenum and hope someone can track down a rainbow pass downfield for a third down conversion.

Unless Elway can lobby the league to let Case Keenum play on a step stool, it might be a lean year for Denver fantasy owners in the passing game. At least they don’t still have Eric Decker to be a fantasy flop year in, year out.

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