Kirk Cousins has been topic of discussion every year for the last 3-4 off-seasons. Most of the news was centered around his struggle with Dan Snyder and the rest of the Redskins organization for them refusing to commit to him as their long-term franchise quarterback. Kirk cousins decided to gamble and play his way into a contract whether it was with the Redskins or somewhere else. Today his gamble paid off. Kirk Cousins just became the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, YOU LIKE THAT!?


Well, in my opinion, the Vikings offered him way too much money to be the future of their franchise. Before you label me a hater; This is not an article about me disliking Kirk Cousins I think he is a good quarterback. Free agency has become one of the craziest times of year in any sport, but this fully guaranteed deal just changed the game for years to come in the NFL. I agree that the Vikings needed a change at quarterback, but $84 million is a lot to shell out for a QB with an okay record in three seasons and no playoff wins. Hell, Case Keenum damn near had the Vikings playing in the Superbowl last year and he started the year as the backup. My point is the money could’ve been spent on multiple pieces instead of putting it all towards a massive fully guaranteed deal.

Minnesota has spent several off-seasons trying to figure out who their go-to quarterback would be and they seem to have found the answer with Kirk Cousins, they are definitely buying into what he is selling. Hopefully, they weren’t sold a guaranteed piece of shit (Tommy Boy), at $84 million they can’t afford to be the latest team to overspend on a big free agent. I will definitely be cheering for Cousins and #Skolnation to have success next year because I want to see Mike Zimmer continue to succeed as a head coach.

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