I Think I listened to My Last Bit of ESPN Radio This Morning

How did we get here? I used to listen to ESPN radio at work all day long. I can barely stand to turn it on now.

This morning, during my commute to work, I heard Trey Wingo name all 18 holes of Augusta National golf course. Each hole has a specific name, which I had no idea. Hole number four is named Flowering Crab Apple, for example. Who fucking cares?

This is the first day of March Madness with 16 games beginning at noon, and they’re talking about the Masters golf course hole names. The NFL has had big free agency news swirling for two straight days, and they’re testing Trey’s knowledge to make sure he knows that hole 17 is named Nandina.

I’m done. I used to like all of the shows. I’ll even admit that I could tolerate Greeny back in 2009 when Mike and Mike ruled the airwaves. I gave Wingo a shot for a few months, but I’m over it. Lebatard is stale. SVP and Russillo have left. And don’t even get me started on Stephen A. Smith.

I’ll probably continue to listen to the local ESPN1530 shows, or at least Mo Egger, because I’m a fan of his. But all the national radio shows on ESPN radio can go suck it. Looks like it’s podcasts all day long from now on for this guy.

By the way, hole number 7 at Augusta National is named Pampas. Enjoy that bit of knowledge.

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