I Wonder If Butch Jones Is Receiving College Credit for His Summer Internship


SI.com – Former Tennessee coach Butch Jones is joining the Alabama coaching staff, but he won’t be on the field.

Instead, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban said he is “an intern, an analyst” after practice Tuesday.

“I guess we could have several names for it, Saban said. “He can’t coach on the field. He can work with us off the field. And today was actually the first time he was cleared by the NCAA. We have these rules and I don’t even know what they’re called, like we can’t hire high school coaches. We can’t hire people that have recruited other players that we’re recruiting and all that. You have to go through a process with the NCAA, and that finally got completed today.”


When I first read the headline that Butch Jones was going to “intern” at Alabama, I almost pulled a muscle from laughing. Or was that from when I tried to get out of my desk chair too quickly? Either way, a muscle was almost pulled and I’m kinda sore right now. Anywhooo – the titles were a little misleading when news broke on his new gig, but the fact of the matter remains: Butch Jones has turned into a puddle of suck in recent years and this might be as far rock bottom as a coach can go. 

I was never a fan of his at Cincinnati. He was a little too “rah-rah” for me when he was trying to compete on college football’s highest level. He was terrible at recruiting and that doesn’t bode well for someone taking over the reigns from Brian Kelly, who left the cupboard bare. His high school shtick wore thin on me and I couldn’t take his cheesy slogans that he would shove down everyone’s throat week in week out on the radio, tv commercials and UC Foootball advertising. When he left for Tennessee, I wasn’t mad like I was when Benedict Fucking Arnold Brian Kelly fled to Notre Dame in the biggest month of Cincinnati’s football program’s history. I was more relieved. I felt free of his stupid rally cries and weird flat top haircut that was better fit for a 1970s gym teacher than D-I college football coach.

Now that he’s been run out of Tennessee and looking for a job, it sounds like there wasn’t much of a market for a guy that went 0-6 in the SEC last season. You’d think he’d be able to land a gig at a mid-major or an coordinator job at a middle of the road school in a Power 5, no? I guess not. Before filling the void Brian Kelly left in Cincinnati he was the head coach at Central Michigan (where oddly enough, he replaced Brian Kelly as well) so I’m surprised he didn’t give the ol’ MAC a reboot. Mid-majors love catchy slogans. A few that come to mind are  PJ Fleck’s “Row The Boat” and Frank Solich’s “No thanks, I’m ok to drive”.

Instead, he signed up to be Nick Saban’s bitch boy. Or should it be “boi”? I never know. Either way, he’s going to to be an intern/analyst. Who the fuck knows what that even means, but it doesn’t sound fun or like something a former SEC head coach should be doing for his first gig after he was forced out of Knoxville. At least have a little pride in yourself and take a shitty network job to be the lead in for whatever PAC-12 game FOXSports 1 is playing at 10:30pm on a Friday night. Who am I to say though? Coaches are a weird breed.

Maybe if he plays his cards right, Intern Jones will be offered a full time gig at the end of the semester. In 2012, NACE’s survey showed that approximately 60% of paid internships resulted in job offers, so the odds are in his favor. You never know though.. maybe he’ll need a gap year to backpack through Europe in order to find himself before coming back to the States to re-start his career. If I were still a betting man, I’d put my money on Butch Jones ending up as the head coach at a school like Louisiana-Monroe before another big program is dumb enough to give him a chance after they see him lead the Warhawks to the Dollar General Bowl in back to back seasons.

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