Scott Foster Is Your New Vezina Trophy Favorite

backup goalie

CHICAGO (AP) – Emergency goaltender Scott Foster played the final 14 minutes after Chicago lost Anton Forsberg and Collin Delia to injuries, closing out the Blackhawks’ 6-2 victory over the Winnipeg Jets on Thursday night.

It was Foster’s first competitive action since 20 minutes in relief with Western Michigan University in the 2005-06 season.

Forsberg was expected to start, but he was scratched after the team said he got hurt during warmups. Delia, who was just recalled from the minors Wednesday, then stopped 25 of 27 shots in his NHL debut before he was helped off the ice in the third period due to a lower-body injury.

Enter Foster, a 36-year-old former college goalie. After a short warmup, the game resumed and Foster got a big cheer from the crowd of 21,839 when he denied Tyler Myers for his first save about a minute after he came in.


This is something straight out of Disney movie. Some poor schmuck went to his cubicle this morning having no idea he was about to become an NHL legend less than 12-hours later. I typically despise everything about the Chicago Blackhawks, but this is one of the coolest stories I’ve seen in a long time. It almost makes up for the time Patrick Kane beat up a cab driver in Buffalo over 20-cents. No seriously, that really happened.

I keep trying to put myself into this situation and I cant. Partially because I have never played higher than beer league hockey and also because I don’t know what size Depends I’d need. How did Scott not spend the entire third period crapping himself, knowing at any moment a 95MPH slab of rubber could be heading his way? Not only did he not crap himself every time the Jets entered their zone, but he stood up and stopped SEVEN shots. A playoff-bound Winnipeg Jets team couldn’t score on a 36-year-old accountant. What a world.

I don’t know how you continue to live past this moment if you’re Scott Foster. You will never top this moment as an accountant no matter how successful you become in your profession. I think deep down inside, we all know we’ve peaked at this point in our lives, but those of us that have never played in an NHL game on an emergency basis can still hold out hope that something awesome is still coming our way. Not Scott. Nope. He could win Best Accountant at the next Accountants of the Universe Symposium and it wouldn’t even sniff what happened to him Thursday night.

With the Reds’ issues keeping a healthy pitching rotation, maybe there’s a shot for me. Maybe I should start bringing my glove with me to every game and keep my spikes nearby. You never know when they’ll need a washed up guy to come in on an emergency basis, throwing gas (aka 74MPH until my shoulder falls off) and a curve ball that buckles the knees of the game’s best sluggers (a spinning 62MPH pearl that gets deposited 37 rows up in right-center field). Until that happens, I’ll always have something Scott Foster doesn’t: Hope.

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