Cincinnati Reds Complete One Game Sweep of Chicago Cubs

Embed from Getty Images

Wow. If you told me the Reds would start the season by getting swept by the Nationals, I probably would’ve believed you. If you told me they’d follow up their 0-3 opening series with a sweep of the Chicago Cubs, I’d tell you to shut up and get the hell outta my parents basement because I’m not supposed to have friends over after 8pm. But that’s where we are #RedsCountry. The Reds have swept the Chicago Cubs. If you ask me, that should catapult the Reds into the conversation of who will come out as King of the Central Division. Have the Brewers or Cardinals swept the Cubs yet? Ha! I didn’t think so. What about the Pirates? The Pirates couldn’t sweep a junior college team. So the answer’s no. (I’m really gonna regret this when the Pirates sweep the Reds this weekend) 

Some of the haters will say it shouldn’t count as a sweep because it was such a shortened series. Are they right? That’s not for me to decide. I’m just here to state the facts, and the fact is the Reds defeated the Cubs in every game they played this series. Am I wrong? That’s for me to decide, and the answer is no. As far as I’m concerned, the Cubs flew the ‘L’ after yesterday’s 1-0 domination by Tyler Mahle & Co., symbolizing the Reds are the King of the Central until they meet again in May. Will the Reds hold a commanding 12.5 game lead in the division by then? It’s difficult to say, but yes. I don’t see a game on the schedule between now and when they meet the Cubs again in May that isn’t winnable. The Cardinals? Puhhhllleeeeaaseee. Last time I checked the Cards didn’t have any of the Reds’ passwords, so we should be safe from getting tripped up by the Cheatin’ Redbirds. The Dodgers could be tough, especially on the road, but I anticipate 6-7 of their regular starting 8 will be on the DL by then. Not to mention, half of their pitching staff will probably be due for Tommy John (might as well do them all at once to get the group discount).

Things are looking up for the Redlegs. This sweep of the Cubs is exactly what we needed to get the home team back on track. Come November, when we’re all drunk as skunks on Joe Nuxhall Way watching the World Series parade, we’ll look back at this pivotal moment in the season where the Reds turned it around.

Or I’ll be piss drunk, watching other teams play in the Fall Classic, which is far more likely. Either way, I’m along for the ride.

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