The Sedin Twins Should be Inducted into the Hall of Fame as One Person

Henrik and Daniel Sedin just played the final game of their career on Saturday night. In case you missed it, the Sedins announced their retirement on Monday.  After 18 years with the Vancouver Canucks, the world’s favorite pair of Swedish twins have decided to hang up the skates in order to spend more time with family.  I’m not typically one to nitpick, but when you’ve played on the same line as your twin brother for your entire career, don’t you pretty much spend time with family every single game?  Seems like a piss poor excuse to me, but I digress.  I always hated the Sedins.  Not because there was anything unlikable about them personally, but because they were just so damn good.  I hated when my team had to play against them. It was almost unfair how much chemistry they had on the ice, but I guess when you’ve grown up with someone your entire life and you share the same set of genes, you’re going to be pretty in tune with each other.  They were incredibly talented, and I think there’s no doubt that they’ll be headed to the Hall of Fame some day.  Still, if they want to boost those chances, they may be better off lobbying to be inducted as a single person. They’re practically the same person anyways…
sedin-twins-are-identical-oHenrik Sedin amassed 1,070 career points during his career, which is the Vancouver Canucks’ franchise record. Daniel came in just behind him with 1,041 career points. That was good enough for 6th and 7th place on the career points list among active NHL players, but doesn’t even put them in the top 50 all time. But, if they combine their numbers together, their 2,111 total points would be good enough for second place all time. They’d still be 746 points shy of Gretzky, which is absolutely ridiculous, but that would make them an absolute lock for the Hall. Plus if you’re trying to track their total points individually, you would have to have some way to account for the points that inevitably got attributed to the wrong player. I have to assume that they switched jerseys for at least 10% of their games throughout their career, so it’s hard to say which twin really earned each of their 2,111 points. And if somehow it comes out that they never swapped jerseys during games then they have no business being in the HOF anyways, because if you play on the same team as your twin brother and don’t switch places from time to time just to screw with people, then what the hell is the point of even playing?

And again, they’re pretty much the same exact person anyways, so inducting them as one individual is the efficient thing to do. While they look exactly the same, their similarities go far beyond looks. They played on the same team for their entire career, often times on the same line. They even had the same exact contract numbers for their entire career. And their joint retirement letter, which came off as a bit weird/creepy to me, is more proof that these two more or less share the same identity. So we might as well just accept the fact that Henrik Daniel Sedin was the second greatest hockey player of all time and will be a sure-fire first-ballot hall of famer.

Of course, if they do go in separately, the fan of chaos in me wants to see just Henrik get inducted. Just look at their resumes. Henrik is the career leader in points for the Canucks. Henrik has a league MVP under his belt. Henrik served as captain of the Canucks for 8 seasons. Daniel? Doesn’t lead the Canucks in all time scoring. Never won an MVP. Was never a team captain. And yet somehow, after pulling off a string of moves that you usually only see in video games in order to secure the 2nd and 3rd overall pick in the 1999 NHL draft, Brian Burke selected Daniel ahead of Henrik! Talk about a poor judge of talent. No wonder the team decided to part ways with him several seasons later. Since then, poor Daniel has lived in the shadow of his big brother (Henrik is an inch taller and was born 6 minutes earlier). If I’m him, I pull a fast one and re-sign with the Canucks on a 1-year deal without Henrik knowing about it. Even with his declining skill level, he should be able to tally 30+ points to became the all time points leader among Sedin twins (and, you know, the Canucks). Although the more likely scenario would be that he would earn enough points to tie Henrik and then he would quit, because after all, they’re pretty much the same person anyways.

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