Programming Note: I’m Taking the Night off From Blogging [Click for Rockies-Padres Fight Blog]

I know a lot of you sit around on Twitter all night long with your friends and family, swiping down and reloading your timeline just waiting for my blog to pop up. Swipe no more my friends, because here it is. Tonight’s a little different though because I decided to take the night off from blogging. I’ve been exhausted lately and I’m really having a hard time trying to decide what to blog about. 

I mean, could I blog about the bench clearing brawl in the Padres-Rockies game. But what could I really say about that? Nobody loves a good baseball or hockey fight more than I do. I used to spend hours upon hours watching hockey fights on YouTube, but the NHL has gotten soft recently and guys have less interest in fighting and when tempers do flare, the linesmen seem to put out the flames before fists start flying. Are mandatory visors bad for the enforcer role? Is the European influence eliminating fisticuffs? These are all good questions that I will gladly answer on a night I didn’t take off from blogging.

The fact that we’ve seen more bench clearing instances and actual punches thrown in the first week of the MLB season than I saw throughout most of the NHL season is sickening. Downright disrespectful, I tell ya. If guys don’t want to fight anymore, what’s the point of watching? At least 75% of the time when benches clear in baseball, nothing happens other than a shoving match, but today was different.

There were some absolute hay-makers thrown by Nolan Arenado after he got a fastball thrown behind him. I’ve never seen a guy throw so many punches while simultaneously brushing the hair out of his face. It was a sight to be seen. It makes me wish Bronson Arroyo had long hair for the Varitek vs. A-Rod bout in 2004. People forget HD wasn’t that readily available back then, so forgive the shitty resolution, it’s nothing personal.


Even Mark McGwire got involved in today’s fight, initially trying to play peacemaker which ended up causing another round of tempers flaring.  It’s good to see Mark found some work after his playing days were over. Who knew they didn’t test hitting coaches for PEDs? These are crazy times we’re living in. Anyway, I loved everything about this fight. It’s an early candidate for Mac’s Baseball Fight of the Year award that has been given out every fall since the end of the 2018 season. You remember, the year the Reds overcame a shitty start and shocked the universe as World Series Champions. As long as there are no UFC brawls mid-season between the Yankees and Red Sox, the Padres-Rockies fight may receive the highly coveted first annual award that nobody’s ever heard of, so congratulations fellas.. trophy’s in the mail.

You’re right, I probably shouldn’t blog about that. I don’t really have a lot to say and I’m not sure many of our Cincinnati fans would really care that much. Since I kept all seven of you here that long without a blog that you sat around all night waiting for, here’s one of my favorite all-time baseball brawls. Is it because I’m a Reds fan and it’s the fuel to my hatred for the Whiny Little Bitches St. Louis Cardinals? Maybe, but last time I checked, I wasn’t the one on trial here so just enjoy the video. If you’re wondering why the catcher in the below video looks familiar, it’s because he’s the same prick that shoved an umpire earlier this week while trying to fight an opposing team’s manager.


Have a good night everyone. I’ll see you in about 45 minutes. I mean, like, by way of blog posts.. I’m not showing up at your house or anything… Cc: FBI

Editor’s Note: For all of the haters who will say I stole this blog format from our friend Uncle Chaps at Barstool Sports, I say: To be the best, you have to steal from the best. Put that one in your pocket and save it for a rainy day. Plus, like I said earlier, I’m exhausted.

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