The Undertaker’s “Surprise” Appearance at WrestleMania Breeds Copycat Acts in the High School Ranks


USA TODAY – A high school girl from Georgia arrived to prom in a casket, and videos of the reveal have since gone viral.

“I was shocked,” Alexandrea Clark told 11Alive over Skype Monday. “I didn’t know that it was going to go that viral.”

Clark arrived to her senior prom in a hearse on Saturday at Americus Sumter High School. She took the short, five to 10-minute ride from the funeral home to school. She said her vision for her grand entrance was two years in the making.

What in the actual fuck? If you read the whole article, which I reluctantly did, Alexandrea said this was a way to encourage her classmates to not drink and drive. I get that, but I always found the snatching-keys-with-two-fingered-poke-to-the-sternum more effective. Showing up in a casket inside a hearse is bizarre despite the meanings behind the act. Ms. Clark plans on being a funeral director after school, which is great and all, but I planned on being a huge disappointment to my family after school and guess what, I went to prom like the rest of my classmates rather than showing up as my future self (40lbs overweight and losing hair faster than you can say Propecia). I don’t know what would be creepier: post-late-20’s Mac showing up to a high school prom or chicks rolling up in caskets.  

I’m not usually a half-glass-full kinda guy, but I suppose if this was done in lieu of a painful promposal, I’m ok with it. That’s what I really need to know. If Alexandrea went to prom alone (I’m guessing she did, because I don’t know many dudes that would be cool with showing up in a hearse) and avoided a promposal where some corny guy decorated her car or dropped to a knee after hang gliding off the top of the school during lunch, then I’m sorry that I got so triggered about her prom arrival. Also, she’s full of shit if she didn’t do this to go viral like she claims. That’s why you do these types of things. If showing up to work in a casket every day would get us pageviews, then I’d be buying caskets in bulk and hire my own hearse driver. The only reason you show up in a casket to anywhere is to get notoriety and attention. She’s even getting internship offers out of this stunt. I’m not hating the hustle, but let’s not act like this is some huge surprise that it blew up on the internet.

If we can get more high school kids in caskets before their prom (alive) and I don’t have to watch another video of someone being asked to prom, then sign me up as campaign manager for this movement. I’ll walk through every high school in America with a clipboard and JUUL pods to buy their signatures on the petition. I don’t see that happening though. First off, I don’t have an unlimited supply of JUUL pods and the Milliron Sports’ finance department has been busting balls about things I’ve tried expensing lately. I don’t have a ‘secondly’, I just thought ‘first off’ sounded good there.

Not many people like Alexandrea know what they want to do as an adult when they’re still in high school, let alone know you’re gonna be a friggin funeral director. I’m just glad my generation didn’t have the whole promposal phenomenon, which is probably why I never saw anyone in a casket before prom. #Blessed


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