The Leaked Trailer for “Fast and Furious: Compact Economy Class” Is Here and It Looks Incredible

This is too perfect. I think we’ve all been in a situation where some asshole is doing 63MPH in the fast lane when all we wanna do is get to the office five minutes late instead of ten. Why can’t they just get over and let the rest of us pass? Mostly because they’re assholes, but maybe they’re just in their own little world and have no idea what they’re doing to everyone behind them who hit the snooze button one too many times.  

In this instance, I’m not going to give the driver a pass. They’re just being a Grade-A dick. The highway was empty and they were refusing to let King Beanie Baby of House Tacky Dashboard pass at all costs. Maybe things are different in whatever country this was from? I’m actually shocked the guy didn’t have his turn signal on the whole time. Wherever they were, I guess it’s up to the drivers to police the roads themselves since they’re super safe drivers and never make questionable moves in rush hour traffic.

You think you’re gonna speed past me just because you’re running late? Not today buddy; I’m gonna swerve and put everyone else at risk just to prove a point. 

Thank you for your service, small white car. If it wasn’t for you, this guy probably would’t have gotten yelled at by his boss after being late for the third time this week. Instead, you got yours and now you’re stuck getting off on an exit you’re unfamiliar with. Are you going to just play it off and hit the McDonald’s drive thru, acting like that was your plan the whole time? That’s probably what I’d do. That guy juking me out just led me down the path to two cheeseburgers and a 10-piece nugget, so thank you.

I wonder what kind of a job someone who keeps the 5+ of the same stuffed animal on their dashboard holds? Maybe they sell stuffed animals and they’re an on-the-road salesperson? Or maybe they’re just really fucking weird. I’m going to go with the latter.



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