I’m Regaining Confidence in the Reds and That Scares Me

Why oh why must they do this to me? As I watch Saturday night’s tilt vs. the Hollywood Dodgers, the Reds have won 4-straight and are showing signs of a team that can put some runs on the board backed by quality pitching. Sure, the mini-winning streak has come at the hands of the tumbling Mets and injury ridden Dodgers, but it’s lightyears ahead of what they were playing like earlier in the season.

Listen, I don’t think the Reds are going to charge back into the conversation of winning the division of wild card spot. Actually, yeah they will. At least in my dumb brain. If they can string together 20 more wins without losing more than 2 or 3 heart breakers, we’re looking at a contender. They haven’t shown me anything in the last four games that makes me think it isn’t possible. Guys are getting key hits and the bullpen has been ready to finish off strong performances by the starting rotation. The 2018 Reds are back, baby.

Matt Harvey’s four-inning performance last night was promising, with the only hit coming on an outfield snafu between Billy Hamilton and Scott Schebler losing the ball in Dodger Stadium’s lights. I guess the bright lights of Hollywood were too much for ol’ Scotty Boy.



Honestly, I’m just glad the Reds are Making Baseball Fun Again. The first month-plus of the season was brutal and often painful to sit through on a daily basis. I’d watch an 0-162 season over most other sports, so the recent success is just a bonus in the Mac household. Not to mention, it’s much easier to come up with content when Joey Votto is doing Joey Votto things.

These are the actions of a man who can sense something special happening. Whether that’s making a run and securing 60 wins in 2018 or going ahead and winning the World Series, I’m along for the ride.




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