Scooter Gennett Named National League Player of the Week

What a stretch of baseball for the Cincinnati Reds. As a team, they’ve rattled off six straight victories and are the owners of the league’s longest active winning streak. I guess they don’t call us #Wincinnati for nothing. Two weeks ago Joseph Daniel Votto was named the National League Player of the Week, and now Scooter Gennett earned the same honor. Somewhere out there, St. Louis Cardinals fans are debating that Yadier Molina deserved the award despite being on the disabled list after failing horribly as a catcher and getting hit in the nuts with a baseball.


Scooter only played in five games last week and hit an incredible .591 with 6 extra base hits and 10 RBI. That’s one hell of a stat line. Sure his defense can leave a little to be desired at times, but that’s the offensive production the Reds weren’t getting from Brandon Phillips in his last few seasons with the hometown team. I’m not saying I ever expected Brandon or anyone to hit .591 in any given week, but a little bit of an offensive threat out of the second base position is always nice, especially when we’re basically giving away outs when Adam Duvall is in the lineup. For the record, I feel like Adam is about to turn it on and make all of us look like idiots here soon. I expected it to start after his walk off home run last week but that hasn’t been the case. I really like Scooter Gennett and I hope to see him as a Red for a long time. He’s doing a great job being an everyday player, but he’s a very valuable piece off the bench once Senzel is ready. Hell, at this point I’d even consider seeing how Senzel can patrol one of the corner outfield spots if you think Scooter is the man that will line up next to Joey Votto for the next few seasons. If they think he’s too expensive for a bench spot (he was awarded $5.7 million in arbitration this offseason) he could be a valuable trading chip come July 31st with a year of arbitration left before he is eligible for free agency in 2020.

Congrats to Scooter Gennett. Was this a product of Yadier Molina not being eligible for player of the week because he’s got a cup full of peanut butter in his pants right now? Probably, but don’t let that keep you down. Not every ballplayer can be like Yadi, and that’s why BFIB wouldn’t trade him for anything in the world, not even Mike Trout.


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