Canada Hates Joey Votto

Joey Votto is arguably one of the best Canadian-born baseball players of all time.  So it’s no surprise that many Canadians were displeased to hear him come out and say that he doesn’t “give a rat’s ass” about Canadian baseball.  In a recent interview for Yahoo Sports MLB Podcast, Votto was asked about fellow Canadian James Paxton’s no-hitter that he threw recently in Toronto.  While Joey did say he was happy for Paxton as an individual and as a fellow baseball player, he said that he didn’t care about the fact that Paxton did it as a Canadian or that he did it on Canadian soil.  Votto went on to explain that having spent almost half his life in American baseball, he really doesn’t feel a strong connection to Canadian baseball anymore.  He later apologized for what he said, and for how bluntly he said it, but many Canadians are still not happy with him.  At least according to Twitter.


Turns out Americans aren’t the only ones who blow things way out of proportion and make them into a much bigger deal than they really are.  Do a quick search for “Joey Votto Canada” on Twitter right now and you’d think he wiped his ass with the Canadian flag and then lit it on fire.  People are acting like he turned his back on all Canadians and trashed the entire country.  In reality, all he did was say he didn’t have a strong connection to Canadian baseball.  Granted he didn’t say it in the most tactful way, but in true Canadian fashion he came out and apologized shortly after.  He admitted that his comments came from a place of pettiness and jealousy, and asked for forgiveness.  The guy clearly loves his country.  He still calls Toronto home.  He regularly attends events supporting Canadian baseball.  He honored those who lost their lives in the Humboldt Broncos bus tragedy.  He sent his game-worn cleats to Toronto officer Ken Lam, who apprehended the driver of a van used to attack pedestrians on a Toronto street.  He does a lot to support his home city, and his home country.  And who could forget this?

joey votto mountie

Joey’s a very interesting, quirky guy, and often times he’s very misunderstood.  He has a habit of trolling opposing teams’ fans, but he does it in a good-natured way.  He even addressed it on the podcast, stating that he does it for the cameras and it’s meant to be fun.  When the cameras are off, he’s signing autographs and giving baseballs to fans.  A lot of people don’t see that though, or choose to ignore it.  It’s much more fun to play him as the asshole troll that doesn’t care about anyone.  And I think that has a lot to do with this whole Votto vs. Canada tiff.  I’m guessing it all blows over soon enough though, once people find something else to complain about on Twitter.  Votto also mentioned on the podcast that it was his first time doing a podcast interview.  I’m guessing with the way this one turned out, it’ll probably be the last.  Which is probably for the best for him.  Unless of course he feels like coming on The Nati Boys podcast.  We don’t give a rat’s ass about Canadian baseball either.

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