John Jaso Tries to Say Hi to His Friends and Possibly Sell Them Some Weed, but Hard-ass Usher Just Says No

John Jaso Hippie

Ah, yes.. Hippies vs. Hard-ass Ushers. A rivalry that has been passed on through generations from ballpark to ballpark. Tropicana Field is known for packing them in so I can understand where this lady is coming from. What happens when John Jaso is down there talking to former teammates and coaches and some 78-year-old retired dude just happens to be coming to sit down in the only seat occupied in an entirely empty row? I’m gonna go out on a limb and assume John Jaso is a lover, not a fighter. You know what they always say: Peace, love and baseball. One love. Buffalo soldier. Other hippie things. Although, I would pay to see John Jaso try to passively ward off the onslaught from an old man who has nothing to lose.

The way the whole thing shook out was quite humorous. In between trips to the concession stand for candy and hot dogs, John Jaso wanted to throw a couple of ‘sups’ out to his boys from his days in Tampa. Were they going to talk about the time they got tossed from one of Tampa’s 3,824 strip clubs or the time one of them got so drunk the night before a day game and lost the battle vs. bubble guts in the dugout? I don’t really know. Maybe he’ll tell us when he comes on the podcast

I don’t see anything wrong with Jaso’s plan, but apparently noted hard-ass usher Maude did. I won’t even get started on Maude. I know she was just trying to do her job, but at what point do you have to just say fuck it and let people sit wherever they’d like? We all know the type. She’s probably annoyed that her husband talked her into retiring to St. Pete after spending the last 40 years of marriage in Yonkers just to find herself bored while he’s at the golf course and getting a nice steam with the boys from the retirement community. The only logical step is to get a day job as an usher at one of the premier ballparks in Major League Baseball. Lucky for us, Tampa’s television feed had some of the coaches mic’d up and caught the whole thing playing out.

It seems like Jaso handled the situation about as cool as you could. I can appreciate the uncomfortable position he was in. He seems like a good guy and probably didn’t feel like playing the “don’t you know who I am?” card but still had to awkwardly explain that despite his appearance, he was a former big leaguer that used to play for the same team that is paying her $7.50 an hour to patrol all 17 people in section 119. He eventually made his way down to field level and got to shake it up with his former crew.

Good for John Jaso. I’m glad he’s making the best of his retirement. His seems to be a little more enjoyable than Maude’s from section 119.


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